Hot New Music~ Father Tiger!

Check out some hot new music from Father Tiger below. The group comprised of John Russell and my friend Greg Delson have just released an awesome new synth pop song called “Shell” and their debut album is forthcoming. I love it. Kinda reminds me of some early Erasure but with a 2010 twist. All the info you need to know is below!

From their Facebook page:
FATHER TIGER is a modern day synthpop duo with a love of vintage analog synthesizers and everything mid-century modern. Having grown up on opposite ends of Los Angeles county, members Greg Delson and John Russell now both reside in Hollywood, where they met in 2005 at audio engineering school.

Often described as an updated take on Erasure, The Pet Shop Boys, OMD and early Depeche Mode (c. Vince Clarke), the band’s sound is nonetheless unique. Combining live drums with programmed percussion, layering numerous rare, vintage analog synths and incorporating a vocal arrangement style reminiscent of the Motown era, FATHER TIGER has crafted a thoughtful, vibrant and upbeat sound of its very own. Head to their page and get a free download too!!/fathertiger?v=app_2405167945

Here’s their new single “Shell” as well. Enjoy!



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