Jane Eyre is the First Good Movie of 2011

So far this year, I have not wanted to go to the movies at all. There has been so much dreck (The Dilema, Drive Angry, Just Go With It) offered up, I have only seen a couple of films and those were for free. First was a screening of The Adjustment Bureau that was just a muddled sci-fi romance thriller mess that was saved by the appealing performances of its leads Matt Damon and Emily Blunt (Grade: B-). Next, I saw every studio executive’s wish fulfilment fantasy drama Limitless that basically says drugs are good and you don’t have any consequences if you’re a bad guy as pretty as Bradley Cooper (Grade: C). And finally, I somehow sat through the awful, moronic, homophobic and most importantly, not funny, “comedy” Paul that just made me plain angry. (Grade: D-)….

 So thank goodness, I finally got to see a good film when I went to a screening of the lovely Jane Eyre on Wed night. This latest update of the Charlotte Bronte literary classic stars the incandescent Mia Wasakowska (The Kids are Alright, Alice in Wonderland) as the titular character who survives a difficult childhood to become the governess for a rich, dashing and brooding man played with great heat and heart by Inglorious Basterd’s Michael Fassbender. From there, you have an epic romance full of tragic mysteries, class struggles, and female empowerment. The film is wonderfully and skillfully rendered by director Cary Fukanaga who also directed the dark and fantastic film Sin Nombre. All of the elements are great from the sweeping score by Dario Marianelli to the gorgeous cinematography by Adriano Goldman and the wonderful supporting performances by Sally Hawkins, Jamie Bell and Oscar winner Judi Dench. But the film belongs to Wasakowska who gives the first award worthy performance of the year. She displays so many layers of vulnerability, strength, intelligence and yearning that you’re always completely engaged and enamored by her. I actually wished the film had been a tad longer because it felt a bit rushed condensing all of the material from the book into two hours. Regardless, I highly recommend the film as the first good movie of 2011. (Grade: A-) Jane Eyre hits theatres tomorrow.

Jane Eyre (2011) trailer


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2 Responses to “Jane Eyre is the First Good Movie of 2011”

  1. Henrick V Says:

    agree, agree, agree…, and had a good chuckle reading your great round up of what’s been hitting the theaters so far.

  2. Jessica Says:

    Oh, I’m so excited to see this now.

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