My American Idol Top 12 Power Rankings

Last night we had the first elimination of season 10’s delightfully entertaining and reinvigorated American Idol where we saw divalicious Ashton Jones get the ax. It wasn’t too surprising especially after her lackluster performance on Wed night. While I like Ashton and wish she had another shot, I’m certainly glad the judges didn’t waste their special “Judges Save” on her. Unfortunately, I feel as though a truly amazing singer will fall into danger in the weeks ahead and it would be better used for he or she. Now, the other two ladies in jeopardy in the bottom 3, Haley and Karen, don’t seem like they’ll last much longer either and I certainly wouldn’t “save” them. So, I think America is on the right track so far. We’ll see what happens next week when the singers tackle “Songs from the Year they were Born” which loosely translates to songs from 1984 to 1995 (Thia is the baby of the group). Will we hear more Michael Jackson and Celine or perhaps some Boyz II Men and Nirvana? I personally recommend that Naima sing some En Vogue, but I digress. We’ll find out their choices soon enough. However, right now you can find out who I think is ahead in the Idol race as I present my latest round of completely unscientific American Idol Power Rankings. Take a look at who’s up and down and all around below.

My American Idol Top 12 Power Rankings:
1. Pia Toscano: with another dynamic power ballad, this beautiful lady is bewitching America again and again. We saw a little more personality in her interview package, but we still need more. And she looked fantastic and sounded quite relevant in the group number which helps her ascend to the top dawg status this week. She could be a big pop star if you ask me. (last week~ 3)
2. James Durbin: James took the biggest leap up the list this week with a phenomenal reinvention of “Maybe I’m Amazed”. Add to that his great makeover and engaging persona and he may well be able to shed the Lambert 2.0 label in the weeks ahead. However, much like Adam, who was amazing on the results show by the way, James is showing different sides of himself and his vast talent. Is he starting to play the game? (lw~ 11)
3. Scotty McCreery: if you heard the audience howl on Wed night,  and how could you not, then you know we have a front-runner on our hands. With another good performance right in his lane, Scotty is still on track to becoming the highest ranking male country singer in Idol’s history. Oh, and those tween girls are easily giving him the Archuleta power votes. (lw~5)
4. Stefano Langone: one of my two favorite male singers in the competition (along with Jacob), Stefano made a serious bid to prove his mettle and erase memories of being a wild card pick with his awesome spin on “Lately”. He has looks, the voice, abounding energy and he seems totally relevant to today’s charts. Looks like the dark horse is on the rise… (lw~ 7)
5. Lauren Alaina: so what if she was just “ok” on Wed night. The girl can still clearly sing the pants off of most of her competitors and she’s funny and endearing. So, we just need to get her the right songs and give the 16 yr old a break and she’ll head back up the leader board soon. (lw~ 1)
6. Jacob Lusk: also taking a dive this week, Jacob lost a little ground as he struggled to stay on track on “I Believe I Can Fly” the other night. Regardless, he’s a brilliant vocalist and incredibly likable. (lw~ 2)
7. Casey Abrams: poor Casey missed out on the results show and we, in turn, missed out on him “dancing” and lip synching to MJ tunes. Fortunately, it seems Casey’s health is on the mend and he’ll be back in the competition next week. The problem is: will these health (a stomach intestine thingy) issues and diminished airtime cost him votes and hurt his rehearsal time? At least, he has a strong fanbase to start with. (lw~ 4)
8. Naima Adedapo: with her cool reggae rapping interlude on “Umbrella”, Naima threw down the first notion of “personal artistry” for the season and began to win me over as a fan. Now, if she can get the breathing and sharp/flat notes under control, she could make for a surprise title contender. (lw~ 12)
9. Thia Megia: sliding a few notches this week, the teen’s half good/ half terrible performance of “Smile” left me confused and a bit trepidatious about how she’ll fare in the weeks ahead. One thing is for sure, the girl needs to get some personality asap! (lw~ 6)
10. Paul McDonald: Mr. Quirkypants evaded the bottom 3 despite his plain atrocious performance of an unknown song on Wed night. Lucky for him, he seems to have a strong fanbase too. However, I’m betting he lost a good deal of momentum and that his unique voice and style will only get him so far unless he starts appealing to the masses. (lw~ 9)
11. Karen Rodriguez: the little Latina pageant queen tripped up big this week on her weak version of Selena’s “I Could Fall in Love”. She’s clearly a good singer on the right song, but will need to focus her choices better and forgo copycat vocal interpretations and wardrobe stylings. (Hello J. Lo couldn’t really even pull off that outfit Karen attempted when she did the Selena movie!) (lw~8)
12. Haley Reinhart: little miss annoying and ungrateful Miley Cyrus look-alike lands at the bottom again. Yes, she has some talent, but her voice does not outweight the complete facade of fakery she throws at us in her performances. Plus, did you notice how bitter and shocked she was to be in the bottom 3 and then the bottom 2? Girl, your attitude will only lose you fans… if you still have any. (lw~ 13)

So, there’s my latest power rankings. James is on the rise. Lauren and Jacob took hits and Haley is still stinkin’ up the rear. What do you think of their placements? Are your favorites in danger? We’ll see next week… And speaking of burning questions, does anyone know what’s up with music industry wunderkind Jimmy Iovine always wearing those strange red headphones? Tell me if ya know below.


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