Super 8~ It’s like E.T. but with a Mean Alien?

Spring is almost upon us and that means the start of the summer movie season! Yes, that doesn’t make much sense, but “summer” more or less begins as early as April 29th in Hollywood. That’s when Universal releases what will likely be its first hit of the year with the stupid but entertaining Fast Five sequel. After that, there are tons of sequels (Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers), animated toons (Cars 2) and action packed comic book pics (Thor, The Green Lantern) headed your way. Of those, I’m most excited about the final Harry Potter film and the latest in the X- Men series, X -Men: First Class. Now, there is one new original sci-fi film that has peaked my interest as well, Super 8. It’s a mysterious movie produced by Steven Spielberg and written and directed by J.J. Abrams starring Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights). Not much is known about the film, but if you look at the trailer, it seems like it could be an E.T. update except with a mean angry alien. Regardless, it looks pretty awesome. For more on the film, head to the Super 8 website here and check out the movie in theatres on June 10th.

Super 8 trailer


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