Two Times the Timberlake

Grammy winning pop star turned A-List actor Justin Timberlake (The Social Network) is about to take over your summer. The Emmy winning performer (Saturday Night Live) has 2 big summer comedies headed your way and both have the makings of big hits. First hitting theatres is Bad Teacher which features Cameron Diaz as the titular character in what looks like her funniest performance in ages. Timberlake shows up as a new teacher who sparks her interest and possibly helps her turn around her bad behavior. I’m betting this wacky comedy could be the big surprise hit of the summer when it hits theatres on June 24th… A month later Justin returns to the silver screen in his first romantic comedy opposite recent Golden Globe nominee Mila Kunis (Black Swan) in Friends with Benefits. Ok, sure, the film looks and sounds a whole lot like the recent Natalie Portman/Ashton Kucther movie No Strings Attached. But, I say there’s one big difference. This one actually looks funny. Plus, it gives us JT’s first big sex scene so swoon away people. You can check that one out on July 22nd…. Now, I wanna hear which one you’re more excited about. Watch trailers for both films below and enjoy two times the Timberlake!

Bad Teacher trailer

Friends With Benefits trailer


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One Response to “Two Times the Timberlake”

  1. camshazam Says:

    I think I’m kind of expected to comment here, right?


    Do Not.

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