Adele and Glee make news on the Charts … Again

Adele returned to the top spot on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart with her massively successful, and brilliant, album 21 which continues to be the biggest seller of the year. She held off a debut from rockers Rise Against who enter in the runner up spot with their latest The Endgame. The only other news in the top ten is Blink 182’s Travis Barker whose new album, Give the Drummer Some, debuts at # 9…. Over on the Digital Sales singles chart, there are two big debuts from the Glee cast with their first original material. Entering at # 2 is “Loser Like Me” featuring the whole cast and at # 6 is “Get it Right” featuring star Lea Michelle (Rachel). While both could have longer life spans than most Glee songs because they’re new and getting radio airplay, they’ll still have to fend off the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry who will battle for the # 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 tomorrow…. For more on all the charts, head to Billboard here and chek out the new top tens below.

Top Ten Albums:
1. 21- Adele (last week~ 2)
2. The Endgame- Rise Against (debut)
3. Lasers- Lupe Fiasco (lw~ 1)
4. Glee the Music Vol. 5 (lw~ 3)
5. Sigh No More- Mumford & Sons (lw~ 7)
6. Never Say Never: The Remixes- Justin Bieber (lw~9)
7. Goodbye Lullabye- Avril Lavigne (lw~ 4)
8. Now 37- Various Artist (lw~ 10)
9. Give the Drummer Some- Travis Barker (debut)
10. Late Nights & Early Mornings- Marshia Ambrose (lw~8)

Top Ten Digital Songs:
1. “E.T”- Katy Perry w/Kanye West (lw~ 1)
2. “Loser Like Me”- Glee Cast (debut)
3. “Just Can’t Get Enough”- The Black Eyed Peas (lw~ 18)
4. “Born This Way”- Lady Gaga (lw~ 3)
5. “S & M”- Rihanna (lw~ 4)
6. “Get It Right”- Glee Cast (debut)
7. “Look at Me Now”- Chris Brown (lw~ 10)
8. “On the Floor”- Jennifer Lopez w/Pitbull (lw~ 2)
9. “Fuck You”- Cee Lo Green (lw~ 6)
10. “Blow”- Ke$ha (lw~ 7)

And here’s “Get it Right” from Lea Michelle and the Glee cast.


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