My all NEW American Idol Top 11 Power Rankings

Holy crap, American Idol actually had a shocking and totally suspenseful results show last night. Not only did it feature the surprise ouster/save of previous front-runner Casey Abrams, but we also had amazing live performances from Jennifer Hudson, Sugarland, a surprise from Stevie Wonder and an appearance by the Hulk (Hogan, that is). I swear, the only thing that might’ve made you want to fast forward was the Ford commercial. Yes, even the opening group number (“River Deep Mountain High”) was pretty good, and hoorah, they’re still singing live on those! … I’m still a bit shocked that Casey was in the bottom three along with Stefano and Thia. The bigger surprise is that the annoying Haley made it thru before the three of them. However, when Casey was announced as the lowest vote getter (over Stefano), I nearly spit out my Diet Coke. Now, yes, I like Stefano better than Casey, but this was truly a shocker America! … I wasn’t so shocked that our illustrious judges quickly cut off his “Sing for his Life” moment and easily announced they’d save him. But it was some great television and was anyone else concerned that Casey was having a heart attack?! Thank goodness he wasn’t… And now, he can see how he ranks in my all NEW Top 11 Power Rankings. Check them out below.

My American Idol Top 11 Power Rankings (all new style)
1. Pia: my personal favorite maintains her position at the top of the list with another fantastic performance. Her vocals are simply flawless, plus she just looks and acts like a star. Now, if she shows some versatility with an upbeat number next week, she’ll continue increase her lead. (last week~ 1)
2. James: the rollicking rocker and wrestling lover sails back up to the on deck position after his fantastic “Living For the City” perf. He becomes more fun and likable every week and could be a serious challenger for the title. I certainly wasn’t thinking that a few weeks ago. (lw~ 5)
3. Lauren: the lady who we all thought was most likely to win before the top 24 started has regained that mojo and moves back up the chart a notch. She has grown vocally for the past two weeks showcasing more confidence and the sass that we loved when we first saw her. (lw~ 4)
4. Jacob: with a gigantic performance that brought the audience to its feet, Jacob ruled Motown week and moves back up the list. Could he be the next Ruben Studdard or will he end up the next George Huff ~who wound up in 5th place in season 3… but hey, he’s Jen Hud’s backup singer now! (lw~ 6)
5. Scotty: with a surprisingly good performance this week in a theme totally outside of his wheel house, Scotty acquitted himself nicely and looks a solid bet to remain in the top five or higher for the rest of the competition. (lw~ 3)
6. Paul: ok, I don’t really get the appeal of his voice, but he clearly has a following. He’s also a fun good-looking fella who I’m sure the ladies love. If he can keep giving these lackluster performances and remain safe, I’m confident he could end up midpack when all is said and done. (lw~ 9)
7. Naima: arguably the most exciting singer in this top 11, Naima continues to march to a different drummer (or drummers as she did on Wed) and give us interesting interpretations of each song. She clearly has a strong artistic voice and I’m thrilled she’s still hanging on. (lw~ 10)
8. Stefano: oh dear did my fave male singer take a tumble this week. His “Hello” apparently left viewers wanting to say “goodbye” as he barely escaped elimination. Mr. Langone needs to step it up quick next week and reclaim his former glory. (lw~ 2)
9. Casey: well, we all can see that Casey is no longer a likely contender for the crown as he was psuedo-eliminated this week. I’m glad he was saved as he deserves to hang on for a few weeks and is a unique talent. The question is how far can he go now that we know this likable yet strange guy is on shaky ground. (lw~ 7)
10. Thia: despite giving her best performance to date, Thia remains a perennial bottom three dweller. I highly doubt that will change. The question is just where will she land when all is said and done… at # 9, 10 or 11th place… (lw~8)
11. Haley: seriously, America, you didn’t even put this mess in the bottom 3 this week? What are you thinking??? Well, I still say she’s on borrowed time and will surely get the boot next week. (lw~ 11)

There you have it, my updated Idol Power Rankings! As you can see, Pia remains my pick to win (both because I want her to and because I think she will at this point) and Haley, Thia and Casey have their work cut out for them. We’ll see if any of them can turn it around next week when the singers tackle the songs of Elton John! And they better bring it because it will be a big double elimination (at least all 11 will get to tour though)… Oh and Idol contestants, if you wanna stay in the competition, just sing like J Hud below. She’s amazeballs as the kids say…

Jennifer Hudson “Where You At?” (live on American Idol 3/24/11)


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