AMC’s Killer New Series is the Best of 2011 so far…

This year TV broadcasters have thrown a bunch of options at us hoping to make up for a lackluster fall season. While Harry’s Law has done surprisingly well for NBC, most of the new shows have faltered like instant stinkers The Cape (NBC), Off the Map (ABC) and Traffic Light (Fox)… This Sunday two big new cable shows joined the fray, Showtimes decadent and devious The Borgias, and AMC’s latest The Killing. Both did well in the ratings, but The Killing is the show with all the buzz and the fantastic reviews, and for good reason. The show is just damn good. It’s completely engrossing from the first few seconds. This mystery crime thriller about the investigation of a teen girl’s murder is dark, deeply emotional, intriguing and compelling featuring wonderful performances from the entire cast but especially an Emmy worth Michelle Forbes (24, Battlestar Gallactica, True Blood) and Brent Sexton (Justified) as the grieving parents. The show is completely unpredictable and features interconnected stories including political machinations, troubled teens, mysterious characters (both good and/or bad) and a lead police detective whose an enigma unto herself nicely played by Big Love’s Mirielle Enos. In fact, I don’t really want to tell you anymore because I don’t want to spoil anything for you. I just totally encourage you to watch the show Sunday nights on AMC. Head here for more info on the show and check out the preview trailer below. Then watch the show and look out come Emmy time as this one could be a surprise dark horse to challenge its own networks current title holder Mad Men.

The Killing trailer


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