Quick Take Movie Review~ Hanna

You may be surprised the new action thriller Hanna was directed by the Academy Award nominated helmer of Pride and Prejudice, Joe Wright. While both films are quite adeptly directed, they don’t seem to have possibly come from the same director. Forgoing the gorgeous emotional and lush storytelling of Pride, here Wright does his best Danny Boyle via Trainspotting with a jump cutting kinetic energetic film that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s like he’s become a new filmmaker or is channelling his experimental university days focusing on a fantastic edgy visual style that leaves a great impression. If only the story had been on the same level. Instead, we have an interesting but empty thriller about a teenage girl (Atonement Academy Award nominee Saorsie Ronan, a film also directed by Wright) raised in the frigid wild and trained to be a killer by her father (a strong Eric Bana). She soon embarks on a convoluted and mysterious mission against the ruthless conspirators who are fighting to take her down. Leading the hunt for our teen Hanna is Marissa, a CIA agent played with a strange Southern drawl and an ill-defined backstory by Oscar winner Cate Blanchett. It’s quite an interesting set up and the action set pieces, escape montages and numerous confrontations are shot exquisitely. Adding to the tense feeling of the multiple chases and dramatic moment is a kicking soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers. However, the story has more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese. It frequently makes no sense and often leaves you hanging, not to mention is missing a few big payoffs. All in all, it’s quite a conundrum of a film. Yeah, I enjoyed watching it and Ronan, in particular, was very good, but it still left me thinking. Is that it? Grade: B

Hanna hits theatres this weekend. Here’s the trailer:


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