American Idol Results ~ You can Suck It! Pia was Robbed!

OMG, I’m so angry at American Idol right now, I can’t even tell you. I want to swear left and right and up and down like a crazy person. I am anger emotion eating and shaking my fists in the air. “WHY God WHY”??? … How on Earth,  the idiotic Idol voters let Pia Toscano go home tonight is just beyond me. She was BY FAR the most talented singer in the competition and she should’ve won! I’m just infuriated. That was easily the WORST RESULTS IN THE HISTORY of the competition. It trumps Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry and Tamyra Gray by a mile… Argh… Well, I need to “simmah down now”… and I’ll try to have a better more composed response tomorrow with an updated recap on the tragic results show and my new Idol Power rankings….

For now though, this one goes out to you Pia. You are amazing. Thank you for your incredible performances and your exquisite voice… Everyone, please enjoy Pia’s “River Deep Mountain High” again below. Poor Pia was robbed and I’m purely pissed! …. and yes, that was the edited nice version…

Pia Toscano “River Deep Mountain High”


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2 Responses to “American Idol Results ~ You can Suck It! Pia was Robbed!”

  1. jessica Says:

    I feel exactly the same way. This elimination was horrifying and shocking and just such a shame. Pia was my favorite and my pick to win the whole thing. It just goes to show what idiots the viewers are… that and people really need to vote for their favorites. I think a lot of Pia’s fans were older (ie: not tween girls) who don’t vote. I sure hope they will buy her music like I will though.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I feel so disappointed about this elimination. And one thing that angers me (besides the out of control voting by hormonal teenagers who think they actually have a chance at dating the contestants they text 55 votes for in one night and think it’s funny) is how “pleased” Haley appeared after the results were announced. That girl cannot keep her eyes off the monitors around the stage no matter what’s going on. If she laughs, she looks at the monitor to see how she looks laughing; if she whispers supposedly-supporting encouragement to another contestant, she looks at the monitor to see how she looks whispering; if she stands on stage as one of her many places on the bottom 3 and waits for the results, she stares at the monitor to see if she can get her worried face perfect. She is one of the most arrogant contestants on this show. I also found it pretty adorable how Casey acted when JLo told him awhile back that he was sexy; he ate it up! But then, when Ryan told Casey last night about Kelly Clarkson having a crush on him, he had no funny comment, but rather acted as though he felt uncomfortable. PLEASE CASEY! You’re “dating” Haley; SO WHAT?? She knows your talent could beat her! Like people have been saying for centuries: DONT DATE THE COMPETITION!

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