My 2011 American Idol Top 7 Power Rankings

Something crazy happened on the American Idol results show last night…. A guy went home!… Not only that, the guy who should’ve gone home, Paul McDonald, was actually the one who got the boot. Well done America! … It was a shocking dose of sanity from the show that went bats%$t bonkers last week and booted the BEST singer in the competition Pia Toscano. (Yes, I still haven’t gotten over it)…. Well, at least it seems like things are on the right track again. Hopefully, we will continue to see some guys leave as we march to what will likely be a Scotty/James/Lauren top 3… However, our other contestants will be fighting hard to make it to the upper regions. So, just how are they doing? Well, let’s take a look at my completely unscientific and sometimes totally wonky American Idol Power Rankings.

2011 American Idol Top 7 Power Rankings:
1. Scotty: even with a sleep inducing performance on Wed night, the teen heart-throb still won over audiences and remains in the pole position for a second week. I wonder if there are any chinks in his armor? He can do the same thing again and again and still get praised for it by the increasingly lazy judges and the tweens are crazy for him. However, if he does another lackluster perf like the duet on the results show with Lauren who absolutely schooled him on “American Honey”, he’ll have to step up his game. For now though, he remains the country boy wonder. (last week~ 1)
2. Lauren: with arguably the best vocal of the week, Lauren even made me enjoy a Miley Cyrus track. She remains affable, humble and full of personality. Now, she needs to holster her confidence and blow everyone out of the water like we know she can. I think she’s the only girl who wont avoid the “Female Curse” this season and soldier on to the finale…. granted I kinda thought Pia would do that too… (lw~ 3)
3. James: with an over the top metal head performance this week, James was in his zone. But was it a little too indulgent and did he rely too much on the guitarist and the pyrotechnics? Possibly… He does have a great voice and remarkable stage presence, so if he can fine tune it all and give an authentic vocal along with the fireworks, he could challenge the country teen twosome for a spot in the finale. (lw~ 2)
4. Casey: Apparently America was smokin’ whatever crack the judges were hopped up on Wednesday night because despite a horrendous performance, Fozzy Bear wasn’t even in the bottom three. I guess kudos are merited for his musicianship. That said, the growly vocals and annoying faces and indulgent song choices wont send him to the Nokia in May. He needs to get current ASAP. (lw~ 5)
5. Haley: sure she was pretty bad on Wed and she landed in the bottom three again. However, she wasn’t in the bottom two and I think people are starting to feel an underdog warmth towards her. If only she could perform like she did on the jazzy duet from the results show every week. That was her best performance and vocal to date! (lw~ 4)
6. Stefano: yes, he was in danger of leaving AGAIN. But he didn’t, and he gave the best performance of the week on Wed night. So, I think he can still keep on trucking. America just needs to pull their heads out and realize he’s a Bruno Mars in the making! Hopefully he’ll have a few more lives and make it to the top 5. (lw~ 7)
7. Jacob: now Jacob was not even in the bottom three this week, so you may wonder why he’s at the bottom of the Power list. Well, I think it’s because he is perilously close to the edge and has lost his likablitiy factor (The sulking this week was not attractive). If he bombs he’ll be headed home. But if he can reign in the attitude and posturing and give a pure contained emotional vocal (that he’s capable of), he might hang on. (lw~8)

There they are, the seven wonders in this season’s Idol world. Who would’ve thunk Haley, Jacob, and Casey would all be here but not Pia? (yeah, I didn’t mention Paul, hehe)… We will see how well they all hold up next week when the them is “Songs of the 21st Century”. I think that could bode well for Stefano and Lauren as the most contemporary of our current Idols too…. Whether any of them become as successful as Idol’s first winner, the amazing Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson remains to be seen. But you can have some Kelly right now! She returned to the Idol stage last night to perform her awesome smash duet “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with Jason Aldean and brought down the house as usual. Enjoy Kelly below and watch Idol next Wednesday on Fox.

Kelly Clarkson & Jason Aldean “Don’t You Wanna Stay” (live on American Idol)


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