American Idol Recap 4/20/11~ Holy Crap Haley!

Did you see the pigs flying through the air last night? Did you notice hell was freezing over yesterday? Did you see the big foot in my mouth? … Well, if you did, then you must’ve watched American Idol  too and seen the second biggest shocker of the season (after my dearly departed Pia’s premature exit). And that shocker was that Haley absolutely killed it and was the BEST of the night! Seriously, I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around it and I feel like I need to apologize to her for all my griping about her performances for most of the season. All I can say is a profound “you go gurl”! Ok, yes, that was lame, but I’m still just a bit bewildered from last night’s show where the Idol’s took on “Songs from the 21st Century”. It was an odd night indeed as Scotty and James flailed while Haley flew. Oh and we had what I will call a pretty unwelcome return of the previously dismissed Idols. I’ll get to that later, but first let’s take a look at my rankings of the performances and predictions for this week.

American Idol Performance Rankings 4/20/11
1. Haley: Holy crap I kinda loved it! Yes, I was in shock and awe as Haley gave easily her best performance to date on Adele’s amazing current top 5 hit “Rolling in the Deep”. Haley’s vocals were never better, she connected with the material and there was not a false move or note. There was no weird affectations or awkwardness. It was just fantastic. Who knew?
2. Lauren: giving arguably the most beautiful vocal of the night, my fave still in the competition delivered a great performance on Sara Evans’ “Born To Fly” a country #1 from 2001. She just needs a little more confidence and to really break out and perform like crazy. The judges gave her some encouragement and good criticism for once that hopefully she will really take chances next week and blow us out of the water like they and I know she can.
3. Jacob: now some of you may be surprised at how high Jacob ranked for me last night, but his emotional and mostly restrained and lovely performance of Luther Vandross’s Grammy Award winning top 40 hit from 2003 really got to me, especially in the final notes. Despite a little music snafu at the beginning, Jacob handled the song like a pro and didn’t fly over the top connected with the powerful song. Whether it resonated with most viewers like me is the question. Oh, and is it me or is Mr. Lusk finally getting humble and has scaled back his attitude. Good on you Jacob.
4. Stefano: werrrrrkin’ the stage and playin’ to the ladies, Stefano tackled Ne Yo’s Grammy nominated top ten hit from 2008 “Closer”. His vocals were strong and he owned the stage as if it was his concert. I felt like he really came into his own and made a strong play to win. However, is it too little too late?
5. Casey: Oh Casey, what do we do with you? I’m just gonna call you Mr. Inconsistent. You have good weeks. You have awful weeks. You’re likable, but you’re weird. You make annoying growly faces and you kiss Jennifer Lopez. You’re just confounding, especially on last night’s performance of Maroon 5’s top 20 hit from 2003 “Harder to Breathe”. The first half was fantastic and the way he worked the fast lyrics was exemplary. Unfortunately, the second half was a hot mess. Yes, he rocked it out, but he got indulgent with his interpretation, let the facial ticks fly, missed some notes and lost the connection to the lyrics. Then he hit a great note at the end, but pandered to the judges and the audience by pecking “the most beautiful woman in the world”. Oh dear, it all became a mixed bag for me in the end.
6. Scotty: oooh, Scotty did a song by a girl (LeeAnn Rimes Grammy nominated hit from last year “Swingin'”)! But ooooh, did it put me to sleep. Yes, his vocals were good as usual, but he brought nothing new to the song, coasted on his charisma and played it safe (as Randy said. PS~ thanks judges for critiquing the singers for the most part tonight!). Scotty needs to step it up or he might make a shocking appearance the bottom 3 after a lazy performance like this one.
7. James: ok, I’m probably gonna get some flak for putting Mr. Durbin last but that’s where he deserves to be. I’m sorry but his ridiculously over the top (albeit entertaining) version of Muse’s awesome 2009 hit “Uprising” was a disaster. It was contrived, screechy, off-key, all over the place and a second-rate, no, a third-rate Adam Lambert imitation. It was just bad. I think when the judges watch it back they will realize how wrong they were to praise him for that performance. Seriously, it was bad.

Bottom 3: Stefano, Jacob, Casey (but James or Scotty should be here)
Bottom 2: Stefano, Jacob
Buh bye: Stefano (I think the cutie patootie just doesn’t have the fan base to hang on anymore)

So, is it finally the end of the road for the Italian Stallion Stefano or will bringin’ his sexyback lead to a surprise ouster for someone else? We will find out tonight… More importantly what did you think of last night’s show?… And before I go~ a couple of things: 1) were you shocked at how fun the clip compilations of the contestants talking about each other? 2) did you love that the judges actually gave some negative and/or helpful criticsm last night (well except for Grandma Steven)? 3) how terrible was that group number of the eliminated six singers on Pink’s “So What”? I mean Paul was utterly dreadful, Naima was practically kung fu ninja attacking the audience, and how on Earth do you make Pia sound lackluster?… well, at least it was live… With that said, I want to hear what you say about last night’s show. Sound off below.


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