My 2011 American Idol Top 6 Power Rankings

The Italian Singing Stallion has left the building… Yes, our favorite wild card pick (and my favorite male singer in the top 13) Stefano Langone got his walking papers on last night’s American Idol leaving just 6 singers in the competition. It wasn’t much of a surprise. Nor was the fact that Haley and Jacob joined him in the bottom 3 much of a surprise. They have both struggled to maintain their fan base (or in Haley’s case to build one). However, they still could break into the top 4 with a good performance. I think Haley has the stronger possibility if she knocks it out of the park next week when they perform “The Songs of Carole King”. We shall see. But to gage how they are currently faring in the competition, it’s time for my latest round of totally unscientific and possibly cuckoo American Idol Power Rankings!

My 2011 American Idol Top 6 Power Rankings:
1. James: taking the pole position for the first time, our rocker is on a roll. He can perform with wildly inconsistent vocals and crazy theatrics and still appear golden in the judges and the viewers eyes. He’s never been in the bottom three, has strong instincts and good commitment. I just wish he would be a bit more original and hit his notes. That said, he seems a lock for the top three and his deeply sad and emotional reaction to his buddy Stefano’s ouster last night will only win him more votes. (last week~ 3)
2. Scotty: the country crooner gave his laziest performance to date this week and he finally got some bad criticism thankfully. However, that didn’t stop the tweens from power voting for him and keeping him out of the bottom 3 yet again as well. Scotty just needs to take some chances and pour his strong vocals into a show-stopping performance and a song that we wouldn’t expect. That will help him seal his likely spot in the finals. (lw~ 1)
3. Lauren: the little lass that could was good again this week. However, she needs to be great. Her confidence issues have been a big problem but she’s so darn likable and has arguably the best voice left in the competition. She needs to breakout this week as well to ensure her deserved place in the final two and not just a spot in the top four. (lw~ 2)
4. Haley: Yes, you’re probably shocked I have her in fourth even though she’s always in the bottom three. However, she has been the only contestant continually improving in the past few weeks and I think she’s the only singer gaining new fans. She was the best this week and the Carole King songbook is perfect for her bluesy vocals. I also think people do want to see two girls in the top five, so that could work in her favor. (lw~ 5)
5. Casey: I’m sorry to say but I’m kinda over Casey again. Now, that doesn’t mean America is, but I think they could be wavering. Were it not for the overpraising of the judges and the pandering kiss to JLo, people might have realized his performance on Wed night was only half good (the first half). The second half was annoying and creepy. He has to find a way to stay appealing throughout a whole song to convince people who are apathetic and or don’t like him to pick up the phone (or the laptop) and vote. (lw~ 4)
6. Jacob: poor Jacob doesn’t seem to have a prayer anymore despite his deep connection with God and Jesus. (Well, he certainly seems to sing like he has that connection, right?). Regardless, he has an incredibly powerful instrument with his gigantic voice. Unfortunately, he rarely knows how to harness it and make his songs appeal to the masses. Unless, he pulls out a “moment” ala Fantasia‘s “Summertime”, he’s a goner next week. (lw~ 7)

So, there ya have it: my breakdown of who’s got the power. And I’m not just talking  about having the 90’s classic “The Power” from Snap on their iPod…. Ok, wow, lame jokes aside, we are getting down to the nitty-gritty and every note will count for these 6 singers. Just who do you think has the power to break up the Scotty/Lauren/James trio and make it to the top? And just who doesn’t have a prayer? Let me know your thoughts below.
But before I go, please enjoy season 7 winner David Cook’s great live performance of his awesome new single “The Last Goodbye” from the results show last night.

David Cook “The Last Goodbey” (live)


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One Response to “My 2011 American Idol Top 6 Power Rankings”

  1. Theresa Says:

    I agreed.

    James and Scotty are my favorites; however, James sang Muse’s “Uprising” with his wildly inconsistent vocals and crazy theatrics and he called THAT metal, which was bought by America voters… It doesn’t make any sense to any true Metal fans as I am.

    This time, one thing good about Scotty was he tried to hold his mic properly.

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