Check out the hilarious new comedy Masculathon~ Do you have what it takes to be a Man?

Is it me or are there a heck of a lot of funny Canadians in Hollywood? From SCTV to Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy to Jim Carrey and Mike Myers to the Kids in the Hall and now Ryan Reynolds, the funny Canadians are everywhere… and I don’t think it’s just because they say “Sorry” funny. It’s because they are funny.

And now a new import from Canada is about to tickle your funny bone to no end, the hilarious new webseries Masculathon. Brought to you from Josh Levy and The Levy Brothers, this series stars Kids In The Hall’s Paul Bellini as “The Man”, a crazy woodsman who claims to be the living embodiment of the spirit of manhood. The Man gathers 11 average Joes in the wilderness to compete in a series of bizarre events designed to determine the Ultimate Man. Sounds hysterical right? And it is. Check out some clips below … They will be posting new episodes weekly throughout  2011 and are currently on the film fest and comedy festival circuit (including a stop at the LA Comedy Festival in May). There’s even a short video featuring The Man’s weird, albeit helpful advice, entitled “Mantras”…. You can also follow Masculathon on twitter and Facebook. For all the info you need, head to their website here. And take a peek at the clips below. I dare ya. Do you think you’re man enough?

Masculathon trailer

Latest Masculathon episdoe:


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