Will being an Idiot finally put Paul Rudd in the Winners Circle?

Paul Rudd has been turning out hilarious and well rounded comedic turns in films for ages going all the way back to Clueless in 1995. However, he really started to make his mark on the film comedy landscape with movies like Anchorman, Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Unfortunately, he has never been recognized for his hilarity on the Awards front~ not even the Golden Globes who sadly ignored his fantastic multi-faceted and incredibly funny work in I Love You Man. (That one did get an MTV Award nomination for Best Kiss though. Alas, it lost)… Well, Paul may finally get his due with the upcoming indie comedy Our Idiot Brother that looks like the perfect showcase for Rudd’s lovable baffoonery. In the movie, Rudd plays the ne’er-do-well idealist who always barges into his three sisters’ lives with disastrous results. Playing the sisters are Emily Moritmer (Shutter Island), Zooey Deschanel (500 Days of Summer) and the hilarious Elizabeth Banks (30 Rock, W). The film opens August 26th, but the first trailer has already leaked and it looks pretty darn funny. I’m hoping Rudd will finally get a little notice for his comedy chops at this year’s Golden Globes with this one. What do you think? Check out the trailer below and let me know.

Our Idiot Brother


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