My American Idol 2011 Top 5 Power Rankings

Last night, Fozzy Bear left the building on American Idol… Oh, I’m sorry, I mean Crazy Abrams… oops I did it again, I mean Casey Abrams…. Now, now, don’t get mad at me for the nicknames because he fit them to a tee. However, I do have to admit, despite my gripes about his growling annoying performances, Casey was a great musician and has some seriously talented chops… as a musician. Sure, he can sing well and when he’s in a jazzy bluesy place, he’s often golden. Unfortunately, that doesn’t play well on the Idol stage and neither did his strange forays into scatting rock (“Hi-De-Ho”) or deranged grunge (“Smells Like Teen Spirit”). So, I bid Casey a fond farewell and I wouldn’t worry about his future. He has a great career ahead in the jazz world and luckily we have avoided another Taylor Hicks disaster on Idol… So, who else was in danger last night? We actually don’t know because sneaky Ryan with the new hairdo and snarky attitude (back from season 9 after a welcome respite) only mentioned the result for each contestant, not a bottom 2 or 3 singers. So, I can only guess that it was Jacob and… Haley? Lauren? Scotty? Yeah, I’m not too sure… So, I’m gonna go ahead and play another guessing game right now and give you my latest completely unscientific and possibly wonky American Idol Power Rankings going into the top Five.

My Top 5 American Idol 2011 Top 5 Power Rankings:
1. James: giving what I consider the best male vocal of the entire season this week, James continues to roll over the competition. He’s shown versatility (whether I liked it or not~ ahem “Heavy Metal”), showmanship, and great pipes. He also seems to be the Idol who’s enjoying the experience the most and the one who could be ready to go out on his own tour right out of the gate. This week he holds tight to the top spot and now seems like a very good lock for the finals. (last week~ 1)
2. Lauren: she’s never been in the bottom 3 and I doubt she was this week. She has an incredible voice and gained a little confidence this week. She also literally crushed Scotty in their duet demolishing his vocals and overpowering his usually strong charisma. She still needs to have a breakout performance to push her into the stratosphere and with only a few weeks left, this week is the time to do it. (lw~ 3)
3. Haley: I gotta say I’m very proud of Haley. The girl with Mariah Carey hair circa 1990 and a powerful set of pipes has grown on me for the past few weeks and I’m kind of rooting for her like a little schoolgirl. She’s clearly the one singer continuing to build a fan base and the dark horse to land in the finals. It would also be a nice slap in the face to the judges for constantly giving her negative or conflicting advice when they just praise the crap out of most everybody else. And, week to week, I’m now excited to see what she might do next. (lw~ 4)
4. Scotty: oh how the golden boy has fallen. Now, I wouldn’t say he’s in jeopardy of leaving next week, but he’s certainly on shaky ground compared to the previous months of the competition. I doubt he’s winning over any new fans with his blah and rote performances. He does have the South and the tweens firmly in his pocket on the other hand. I just want him to do something new and emote in a song. I’m sorry this week was a forced insincere and snoozy performance followed by his first bad vocal in the duet. I’m sure this likable lad can come back blazing. He just better do it asap as James has stolen his thunder as the man to beat lately. (lw~ 2)
5. Jacob: dressed like the Eddie Murphy’s Nutty Professor headin’ to church, Jacob was super entertaining on Wed night and clearly he did enough to stick around another week. The question is, just how much longer can he hang on. He’s the most polarizing person left in the competition and his vocal antics are an acquired taste. He does seem to have been humbled a bit and the attitude has dissipated. So, he’s on the right path, but is it a short one? (lw~ 6)

And then there were five… Can you believe I have Haley above Scotty? Am I smoking whatever Steven Tyler has for breakfast? Are you on board with these rankings? And how do you think they’ll do next week when they tackle the theme “Songs from Then and Now” (which is translated as songs from the 60’s and today)… Let me know your thoughts below.

And before you go, please enjoy the lady who should’ve won it all last year~ Crystal Bowersox~ as she performed “Ridin’ with the Radio” live on the results show last night.

Crystal Bowersox “Ridin’ with the Radio”(live on American Idol)


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4 Responses to “My American Idol 2011 Top 5 Power Rankings”

  1. Jessica Says:

    This how I rank them (according to my preference): 1. Haley 2. James 3. Lauren 4. Scotty 5. Jacob

  2. Maxine Says:

    So what’s wrong with being another Taylor Hicks. He made several million dollars last year. He’s been signed to movie & TV deals. A lot of his concerts are sold out & he’s working on a country album & has opened up a great restaurant. Also, according to the RIAA site, his freshman album has now sold 1.5 million – or approximately ten times more than the last two winners.

  3. jasonboegh Says:

    Well, Taylor Hicks in my opinion is a bar band drunk uncle karaoke hack of an artist. Sure, he can sing, but he was more a “character” than an artist or pop star in my opinion… Also, I’m a little confused on your math.. Yes, maybe the RIAA certified him platinum, but his album sales according to Soundscan (which tally actual sales, not just shipped units like the RIAA) only top out over 800,000. That is no where near ten times the sales of the last two winner… Kris is around 350,000 while Lee is at 140,00 I believe. Regardless, that’s only about 300,000 more than those two. At leas Kris can take comfort in a hit single. His “Live Like We’re Dying” went top 20 on pop and Top five on AC and Hot AC and sold nearly 2 million downloads…. Taylor had no hit singles and Lee hasn’t either.

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