My American Idol 2011 Top 4 Power Rankings

Last night  on American Idol, we said goodbye to the powerhouse diva-esque church belting boy from Compton, Jacob Lusk as he was sent packing. That left a frightened and tearful Lauren Alaina safe despite her first appearance in the bottom two. I think most of us were relieve that Lusk warbled his last tune because after a great start, this talented guy wore out his welcome with some very inconsistent and sometimes overwrought performances. That said, I think he can have a great career ahead in the Contemporary Christian or Adult R&B fields… But enough about Jacob, what about our Fab Four? Just which one has the power to make it all the way to the finals? And who may fall apart next week when they attempt the songs of legendary tunesmiths Leiber & Stoeller (known for their massive catalog of songs from the 50’s & 60’s and many of Elvis’s big hits)? … Well, we will see, but here’s my completely unscientific and possibly totally wonky latest Idol power rankings.

My 2011 Top 4 American Idol Power Rankings~
1. Scotty: with one incredibly triumphant performance (“Gone”) and another quite credible one (“Always on My Mind”), the teen titan charges back up to the top of my list. It was also revealed that he has never been in the bottom two despite last week’s shenanigans from Ryan. As long as he keeps consistent, he seems the most obvious lock for the finals… Or does he have an Achilles heel in that maybe it’s just the South and the tween girls voting for him? Regardless, I think that’s certainly enough. (last week~ 4)
2. Haley: holy heck, Haley is in second place! I would never have thunk it just a few months ago. I mean I was the guy who almost despised her and now I’m rooting for her like a proud uncle, er, um older brother… Anywho, I love her attitude that she doesn’t take the insults and criticism negatively. She’s having fun, and oh yeah, she has been killing it in the last few weeks. On top of that, she owned everyone on Wed night. I have to say she’s actually the one I’m most excited to see each week now showing incredible growth, great pipes and interesting bold song choices. (lw~ 3)
3. James: the rocker had a reaaaaaaaaaaaally bad week on Wed night and he still didn’t come in danger of elimination. He obviously has a strong and committed fan base (who one could say are easily manipulated by tears, but my frozen heart digresses…) If he can get back on track, showcase his distinct voice and compose himself, he could make it another two guy finale. (lw~ 1)
4. Lauren: well, it makes me sad to place my favorite singer left in the competition (oh how I still miss Pia) in last place. Unfortunately, despite two strong vocals and renewed confidence (at least for her “Flat on the Floor” number), Lauren landed in jeopardy this week. And she took it hard. It seems like the stress and her emotions are really getting to her. She needs to focus, get it together and realize she has arguably the best voice in the competition and people love her. At least her fan base will be motivated after having witnessed her almost elimination. (lw~ 2)

So, that’s the latest. Scotty is back on top and Lauren is lagging behind. Can she leap back into the race? Will there be another boys club finale? Could my hopeful dream of a Haley v. Lauren finale happen? I just don’t know… So, let’s all watch next week and see what happens…. Now before I go, please enjoy Idol judge Jennifer Lopez with her pretty damn great live performance from the results show of her current top ten smash “On the Floor”… And yes, she actually sang live!

Jennifer Lopez w/Pibull “On the Floor” (live at American Idol)


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