American Idol Recap 5/11/11~ The Girls Rock and The Guys Bore

First of all, Randy Jackson needs a good smack upside the head. As any of you who watched American Idol last night would likely agree, he was full of crap when he was critiquing Haley last night on her fantastic performance of “Earth Song”. He kept yammering on about it being a bad choice and it having nothing to do with who she is as an artist. Um, Randy, shut up. First of all, judge her singing~ which was incredible. Second of all, the assignment was to pick an inspirational song and “Earth Song” is nothing if not incredibly inspirational, moving and important. I mean what the hell? And while I’m ranting, J Lo should take some heat for her B.S. critique on that one too. And then, the two of them with their constant overpraising of the boys just made me sick. Seriously, it was perhaps the most infuriating judging of the season. I almost prefer Steven Tyler’s constant and useless “That’s a beautiful thing” sentiments…. Grrrr. Yes, last night’s American Idol drove me nuts on so many levels that I power voted like a crazy person for our dear underdog Haley, not to mention Lauren who had her best night in weeks. If the show wants to stay relevant, these two ladies should make the top three and break up the boring Idol boys club…. Wow, I am ranting, but I think many of you would agree… Anyway, for further proof of what I’m talking about, let’s rank last night’s performances where the top 4 singers took on two themes: “Songs of Inspiration” and the “Songs of Lieber and Stoller” (big hit songwriters in the 50’s and 60’s~ how’s that for irrelevant… those dingbat Idol producers!).

American Idol Performance Rankings 5/11/11:
1. Haley- “I (Who Have Nothing)”- um, wow wow wow. Simply brilliant. Haley was fiery, focused and fabulous on this dark and brooding ballad, a Shirley Bassey classic from 1963. It was easily the best of the night and showed what an interesting singer Haley is. She has become the most fascinating performer in the competition fusing heart, humor and hubris into her performances and boy did she let the judges have it and eat their words with this sensational performance.
2. Lauren- “Anyway”: with her best vocal in months, Lauren was simply flawless on this beautiful 2006 Martina McBride # 5 hit country ballad. It was the perfect choice for her and would be a smash country and AC hit today if it was released. Lauren has the best pipes left in the competition and she made that clear with this amazing vocal.
3. Haley– “Earth Song”: I said it before, I’ll say it again: Randy and J Lo are full of it. How on Earth they didn’t get inspirational and incredible from Haley’s performance of Michael Jackson’s iconic plea from 1995 “Earth Song” is beyond me. And the second half was perfection. It was authentic, emotional and resonant and Haley nailed it, not to mention she outsang that chorus too! Who knew crazypants Steven Tyler would be the voice of reason on this one?
4. Lauren– “Trouble”: with a sassy and sexy take on Elvis Presley’s 1958 hit, Lauren was indeed “in it to win it”. She owned the stage and the song and even had fun singing it. Well done.
5. Scotty– “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)?”: with a lovely vocal and an understated performance, Scotty did justice to Alan Jackson’s 2001 # 1 country hit about the aftermath of 9/11. It was simple and tasteful, just not memorable.
6. James– “Love Potion # 9”: if James hadn’t been running around the stage as if he were playing Madison Square Garden, this one could’ve been a giant clunker. The song, a hit for The Searchers in 1963, was a blah choice, but at least his rockin’ arrangement made it serviceable. However, James has become so arrogant in his performances that it just felt like a big indulgent jam session for a self-serving wanna be star.
7. James– “Don’t Stop Believin'”: well, that was just boring, uninspired and bad. I’m sorry it was a second-rate cruise ship rendition of the signature 1981 Journey hit (and recently a Glee smash). Heck, he was flat on practically the whole song and brought nothing new to it… Really disappointing.
8. Scotty– “Young Blood”: that was simply atrocious. Sure, Scotty hit his notes just fine on this 1957 song by the Coasters. However, it was a herky jerky theme park performance that was gimmicky, irritating and a waste of his talent. Plus, that was the worst song choice of the night by a mile.

Ack, honestly, I have no idea… In my opinion, the bottom two should be James and Scotty with James going home… However, I doubt that will happen. I’m worried at least one of the ladies will be in danger and it may be Haley because of all the controversy with the judges comments. On the other hand, it could be Lauren because people may vote to save Haley and forget to support the lil country girl. I just don’t know… So, I’m just gonna say a crazy prediction that in a shocker James is eliminated, hehe…

But I want to know what you think. Are you as infuriated by the judges as me? Did you love Haley and Lauren too? Are you over James? Does Scotty still have this in the bag? And how awesome of a mentor was Lady Gaga? Sound off below.

And here’s a couple treats for you from the girls who rocked it tonight…

Haley- “I (Who Have Nothing)”

Lauren- “Anyway”


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One Response to “American Idol Recap 5/11/11~ The Girls Rock and The Guys Bore”

  1. Jim Scott Says:

    I would love to see JLo give a performance of I who have nothing like Haley did… Let alone Scotty, James or Lauren… Come on, is this a singing comp or a popularity contest.

    This woman can sing!!!! COME ON HALEY! With you all the way!

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