Shameless Self Promotion~ 3B

Hey Readers,
It’s time for a little shameless self promotion again… An absolutely hysterical short film I did called 3B just hit the front page of the Funny or Die website and it’s playing this weekend at the LA Comedy Festival. It’s a hilarious short about a couple looking for a third and I play one of the many crazy potential playdates. Don’t blink or ya might miss my very “colorful” moment. The film stars Hilary Lowe and Neil Hopkins but also features the hilarious Drew Droege who you probably know from the Chloe video series… Anywho, I’ve got all the info about the film below. And watch for it to hit more festivals in the months ahead… And head to Funny or Die and watch the whole thing from the comfort of your home right now. Enjoy!

3B short film!/3Bshortfilm
Genre Short Comedy
Studio Indie
Plot Outline: What if your girlfriend wanted to have a threesome…with another dude?

Also featuring: Jason Boegh, John Forest, Ptolemy Slocum, Samm Hill, Bill Watterson, Richard Feliciano, Dan Gill, Christopher Biewer, Brent Lydic, Diana Newton, Casey Zeman, Brian Keith Russell, Jacob Goldstein, Brian Swinehart, Srinivasa Kapavarapu, Bob Jay Mills, Drew Droege, Mark Bobadilla, Scott Victor Nelson, Brody Stephens, Eric Hahn

Directed by: Joseph Garner
Story by: Hillary Lowe
Screenplay by: Hillary Lowe & Amanda Coplan

3B at the LA Comedy Festival:
Sunday May 15th at 8pm
ACME Comedy Hollywood
135 N. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

For tix, head here:


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