I’ve been on Vacay…

Hey readers,
I just wanted to give ya a heads up as to why there have been so few posts this week…. You see, I have been on a little vacation. Just had to take a couple of days of R & R, but I was actually quite busy… I hit the beach, the pool, had a movie audition, saw a bunch of celebrities while hiking at Runyon Canyon (Zac Efron, Dane Cook, Angelina Jolie), went to the amazing Glee Live concert (and chatted with Glee stars Dot Marie Jones and Jenna Uskowitz), saw Beginners (really good beautiful movie featuring a wonderful performance from Ewan MacGregor and an Oscar worthy one from Christopher Plummer, grade: A-) and Hangover 2 (rather funny, but not as good as the first, grade: B) and on and on. But fear not the posts will come fast and furious next week. Thanks for hangin’ tight… By the way, I also went to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure which was way more fun than the former one. While there, my friend Giana and I saw my friend Jeff Sumner perform brilliantly as the Genie in their fantastic live musical Aladdin spectacular. I highly recommend it. Take a look at our fun pics below.

Take care everybody!


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