The Voice Recap (6/14/11)~ It’s Better, but it’s still kinda Bad

Oh dear, what oh what can we do with The Voice? NBC’s new reality show entered its second week of live performances this week with marked improvement. However, the show is still a big ole mess. What helped this week was the stronger contestants (on Team Cee Lo and Team Adam). However, we still had to endure the things that make this show such a chore to watch: Carson Daly’s atrocious and lazy hosting, the annoying interactive social media room and that blonde irritating chick incessantly babbling about whose trending (hello, we don’t care~ just let them sing), the judges squabbling, the ridiculous set, and the concentration on performance and spectacle over singing. For a show, that’s about finding the “voice”, it really has abandoned that conceit. At least two of tonight’s competitors showed that they don’t need fireworks and dancers as they brought the show back to its supposed roots. Vicci Martinez and Javier Colon are both fantastic singers with unique and moving voices which is what the show was trying to find, right? So, why do we have to endure the rest of this mess in the meantime? Let’s just have a finale with those two… Well, I guess that’s getting ahead of ourselves. I mean we still have to see who will head into next week’s round alongside the winners from Team Blake: America’s choice~ Dia (YAY!) and Blake’s choice~ Xenia (What?!!!), plus the winners from Team Xtina: America’s choice~ Beverly (YAY again!) and Xtina’s choice~ Frenchie (more YAY!)…. With those choices things are looking up for this fascinating and flawed show. But who will join them? Let’s look at my rankings and predictions from last night.

The Voice performance rankings~ 6/14/11:
1. Vicci: delivering Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” with intense emotion and soaring vocals, my favorite singer in the competition easily had the best performance of the night. I even bought it on iTunes and I thought I’d never buy anything from this show on the interwebs…. oops. Check out the performance here.
2. Javier: with a polished and lovely take on Sarah McLachlan’s signature ballad “Angel”, Javier proved yet again that he is arguably the best all around singer in the running.
3. Nakia: growling and grinding his way through a great performance of Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire”, Nakia showed he could work the stage and be sexy while also showcasing his strong pipes.
4. Casey: with a cool Stevie Nicks meets Colbie Callait vibe, Casey has become a shining underdog for Adam’s team. She has surprised me each week and I hope she gets to do that again next week after her fun and fierce performance of K.T. Tunstall’s “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”.
5. Jeff: this big Southern boy with the big voice gave a passable performance of Carrie Underwood’s Grammy winning smash “Jesus Take the Wheel”. But it was rather underwhelming and I’m confused at the coaches’ ridiculous praise for it.
6. Tori & Taylor: the Thompson twins treated us to a fun if flawed performance of “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”. Unfortunately, their vocals were a little strained and the dancers upstaged their singing.
7. Devin: yes, this kid is incredibly likable and sounds good in an intimate setting. However his notes were all over the place, flat and sharp and strained on his performance of OneRepublic’s “Stop and Stare”.
8. Curtis: he did a countrified version of Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love”~ Um NO! That was plain bad.

Team Cee Lo~
America’s Choice: Vicci
Cee Lo’s Save: Nakia

Team Adam~
America’s Choice: Javier
Adam’s Save: Casey
* (I’m going out on a limb here and thinking America will choose wisely and not pick Jeff)

That means I think the Thompson Twins, Devin, Curtis and Jeff will rightfully be headed home. But what do you think? Who do you want to move forward? And is the show getting better in your eyes? Does it still drive you nuts? Are the coach/contestant performances a fun diversion or a waste of time? Sound off below.


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One Response to “The Voice Recap (6/14/11)~ It’s Better, but it’s still kinda Bad”

  1. Budd Says:

    I think your prediction is on the money. I think colon oversings the songs though. I don’t like that. If the Beetles thought that their song needed a run, they would have put it in there, but they didn’t and who is he to say they were wrong. If he takes out the runs, his arms of an angel is excellent and might compete with Sarah, but with them, no one is going to prefer it to the original.

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