So You Think You Can Dance Quick Wrap 6/15/11~ That’s the way to start the season!

If you want to know how to start a reality competition show right, just watch So You Think You Can Dance. Entering its 8th season, SYTYCD is arguably the best reality competition show on the air. It has the best host in the sexy, funny and caring Cat Deeley. It has a great panel of judges (and revolving guest judges) that you can relate to, love, hate and cheer in equal measure. It has amazing choreography from a diverse group of Emmy worthy artists. And most importantly it has sick amounts of fantastic talent. All of that was on display last night as the top 20 took to the stage for the first competition night. Practically every number was great which makes predicting who will be sent home incredibly difficult. But I will do my best~ so let’s get to my quick wrap SYTYCD rankings for week one.

SYTYCD Performance Rankings 6/15/11:
1. Melanie & Marko (Contemporary): hello, we have our first power couple of the season. These two were simply brilliant in this gorgeous and moving piece by Travis Wall. They also have the best chemistry of the couples right off the bat, along with great technique and innate ability to tell a story and make us feel. Just stunning.
2. Iveta & Nick (Quickstep): my fave dancer, Nick, held his own with ballroom queen Iveta on this great number that got a standing ovation (like Melanie and Marko) from the judges and the audience. Simply wonderful.
3. Caitlyn (Jazz):  Caitlyn’s partner, poor Mitchell, was injured, so my fave from season 7, Robert, stepped in to help out the incredibly sexy and charismatic Caitlyn on this awesome Sonya jazz piece. Loved it. Confession time~ I did have to watch it again because I was a little distracted by Robert the first time. Lol
4. Sasha & Alexander (Contemporary): like a fierce fireball, Sasha tore through this great Travis Wall number cementing her position as a force to be reckoned with this season. Alex was pretty great too by the way.
5. Clarice & Jess (Broadway): talk about being in your element… Jess was LIVING in his element in this incredibly entertaining Broadway number that spoke to all of his strengths. Clarice did fine but was rather outshone by lil Jess.
6. Jordan & Tadd (African Jazz): showcasing great moves, strong chemistry and an explosive presence, these two delivered a great number that should keep them safe despite having performed first.
7. Ryan & Ricky (Lyrical Hip Hop): with echoes of the amazing “Bleeding Love” number from season 4, Ryan and Ricky were very good on this great fusion of contemporary and hip hop. But was it memorable enough to keep them out of danger? I’m not sure.
8. Missy & Wadi (Jazz): if it weren’t for the flying acrobatics of parkour hip hop expert Wadi, this number would’ve sent these two to the bottom of the list. Don’t get me wrong, they performed it very well but it just lacked that certain something in my eyes.
9. Miranda & Robert (Latin Jive): ok, I don’t know what the judges and the studio audience were smoking with their ridiculous praise for this fun, but flat number. It was serviceable but rather lackluster compared to the great pieces from the rest of the night. Nigel was right though~ Robert has a love him/hate him personality. Currently, he annoys me…. But maybe you love him. He is talented but this Urkel 2.0 may wear out his welcome quickly and poor Miranda (who is she again?) may suffer the consequences.
10. Ashley & Chris (Hip Hop): now these two are incredibly likable people and good dancers… Unfortunately, this was such a blah number that their personalities couldn’t save it. I think they will have to dance for their lives for sure tonight…

Well, MItchell (Caitlyn’s partner) is automatically in danger because he couldn’t dance so there will be four guys in jeopardy along with three girls.
Couples in the bottom 3: Ashley & Chris, Miranda & Robert, Ryan & Ricky (I think Wadi saved Missy with his cool skills….)
Going home: injured Mitchell and Miranda

Ok, there you have it~ my first completely clueless prediction of the season. Since everybody was pretty darn good, it’s almost anyone’s guess as to who is in the bottom three and going home. But I did my best. Now, what do you think? Is your favorite in jeopardy? … And did you love Emmy winning actress and former Broadway star Megan Mullally as a guest judge as much as I did? (Hello, she has a great vocabulary and passion for the show too!) … Do you think Travis will get an Emmy nom for his “statue” piece? … and are he and Cat using the same hair colorist~ they’re so blonde! … Oh and did Cat look hot or what with her “I just had sex in my car” hairdo and black slip dress?! … Sound off below and watch the results tonight on Fox.

And here’s the best number from last night~ Marko & Melanie:


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