So You Think You Can Dance Quick Wrap~ 6/22/11

Following last week’s fantastic top 20 performance show and a shocker results show that sent NO ONE home, So You Think You Can Dance had nowhere to go but down in its second week. Now, don’t get me wrong, the show is still great. It’s always great. However, with several of the dancers stepping out of their comfort zones and specialties, things got real… real quick. And we suddenly have five couples that could conceivably be in danger. Add that to the fact that four dancers will be headed home and the stakes are really big for these contestants…. So, just who is safe and who might’ve hoofed it for the last time? Well, let’s take a look at my rankings from last night’s show and my predictions below.

So You Think You Can Dance Performance Rankings 6/22/11:
~ the safe couples
1. Sasha & Alexander: with a powerful, emotional and fierce hip hop number by NappyTabs, Sasha and Alex blew the competition away. This one was on the level of the choreographers fantastic “Bleeding Love” from season 3 and Sasha stole the entire show with an amazing performance.
2. Caitlyn & Mitchell: with this gorgeous and touching contemporary piece, Caitlyn and Mitchell soared. I’m so glad he got a chance to dance this week after his injury because the two of them were transcendant.
3. Ashley & Chris: while these two were a bit wobbly last week, this week they fly up the leaderboard with a great, sexy and entertaining Broadway number (by the sexy Spencer Liff). Ashley could be a big wildcard contender for the finals too.
4. Jordan & Tadd: their Viennese Waltz was simply gorgeous. Beautiful lines, fluid movement, great chemistry. They nailed it.
5. Marko & Melanie: last week’s standout couple gave another great performance on this fun jazz number. These two remain the power couple of the competition.
~the couples in the danger zone
6. Ryan & Ricky: while this jazz number was pretty darn awesome and sexy and the two had great chemistry and conviction, they performed first for the night which is never a good omen. And it wasn’t as memorable as the top five. However, they’re both fantastic and I’m betting they’re safe.
7. Iveta & Nick: my fave in the competition Nick gave his all on this Bollywood number with Iveta, but at times it felt a little clumsy and amateur. Still, it was very entertaining and if they do fall into the bottom three couples, I doubt either would go home.
8. Clarice & Jess: on this contemporary number, Clarice gave a lovely performance but she and Jess had no chemistry. It also felt a bit forced and was wholly lackluster.
9. Miranda & Robert: another boring week for these two…. plus Miranda outdanced Robert on this hip hop number and it was his genre. I don’t think they’re connecting with the audience and that’s a big problem.
10. Wadi & Missy: sorry, this cha-cha was plain bad. Missy did her best which was ok, but Wadi was so out of his element it was painful…. I do feel bad for the guy because he’s rather likable and so great in his own style.

Bottom Three Couples: Wadi & Missy, Robert & Miranda, Clarice & Jess
Going Home: Clarice, Missy, and Robert…. and um, eeck… Wadi (I think he may suffer in the other genres and the judges might save Jess instead)

Oh, wow, that was a big prediction. Am I crazy? Will they really send two hip hop dancers home? And can Miranda step out of the danger zone if she makes it thru and gets a new partner? We’ll see with the results tonight… Who was your favorite last night and who do you think is dancing out the door? Oh, and how funny was Debbie Reynolds as a guest judge? Loved her even if she didn’t provide any real critique…. Let me know your thoughts below.

And here’s Sasha & Alexander’s awesome hip hop piece from last night:


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