So You Think You Can Dance Results Rant and Power Rankings 6/24/11

It was the first So You Think You Can Dance elimination of the season and I was already screaming obscenities at the tv, Nigel and America. How on Earth could they eliminate the most charismatic entertaining and awesome dancer of the entire season, tapper Nick Young? I was seriously a bit of a bawling mess. NEVER has that happened to me this early in the game. But never has such an atrocity happened so early in the season either. What went wrong? Well first, America should be ashamed for not voting for this fantastic and very well-rounded dancer. Second, he was screwed by being paired with the very talented~ at Ballroom and not much else~ Iveta who looked like she was nearing 50 and that doesn’t translate to votes on this young skewing show. Third, they were given Bollywood which pretty much everyone screws up until the top ten. Fourth, they were one of only two couples totally out of their genre (the other couple, Missy and Wadi, were eliminated too). Fifth, the judges made a big mistake not eliminating anyone last week when they could’ve let lesser dancers go and saved better ones tonight. And lastly, Nigel and the judges let go of their senses and saved Ricky (who shouldn’t have been in the bottom either) after his great solo despite his lack of personality and potential in other genres. I do hope Ricky lasts much longer than the atrocious Robert and the grating Jess who both should’ve gone home instead. Ugh, it’s so infuriating, but that’s reality competition tv for ya… So we said bye to Nick (swoon), Wadi (bummed cuz his skills were never really showcased), Missy (don’t really care about that one, sorry) and Iveta (who I would’ve picked to stay over the boring Ryan). And now, we’re left with a top 16…. Just who has the power to make it to the top ten and dance with the All-Stars? Take a look at my new totally unscientific So You Think You Can Dance Power Rankings below.

SYTYCD Power Rankings 6/24/11:

1. Sasha: she stole the show on Wed. night with her amazing hip hop number showcasing her fierce moves and deep emotion. And you know we love this feisty girl who is also representing her sister who just missed a spot on the show.
2. Melanie: she’s part of the cute contemporary jazz power couple Marko & Melanie and is goshdarnit adorable. Oh and super talented too.
3. Marko: he’s the guy with the bullet in his shoulder and some skills on the dance floor (and the other half of said power couple).
4. Caitlyn: she made it through all by herself with a gorgeous contemporary number in week one and when paired with Mitchell this week, she soared again and even got a cut on the nose during her beautiful piece.
5. Tadd: the bboy to beat and a good bet to make the top four, Tadd outdances his partner week in and week out, has a great personality (hey he’s an obsessive compulsive packer!) and has adapted to other genres quite well.
6. Mitchell: he only had this week to catch up to his partner or he’d be higher on the list, but his dancing is flawless. And he’s great with a funny soundbite and some, um, interesting fashion choices.
7. Ashley: the bubbliest girl on the show simply slayed that jail cell jazz Broadway piece this week and is a dark horse for the title. And she got no pre-top 20 airtime, so good for her for letting her dancing speak for her. I just kinda love her!
8. Miranda: she’s been saddled with the worst dancer of the entire top 20 (Robert), but she has persevered and seems to be on the way to being a judge favorite.
9. Alexander: his partner Sasha steals the spotlight from him each week, but his technique is simply astounding and he’s growing in charisma.
10. Jordan: she needs to get over the “I’m a sex kitten” bimbo thing because she’s a really powerful and exquisite dancer. She just seems to be having a difficulty with her likability.
11. Ricky: his solo alone saved him last night and it also pushes him way up this list over several other dancers who should’ve been in the bottom three in the first place.
12. Chris: he’s a cool cat and had a great number this week with Ashley, but he’s clearly the least trained of the dancers and has a lot of work to do to stay on the level.
13. Jess: the Broadway boy is becoming more and more a love him/hate him contender with his obnoxious faces and seeming arrogance. That said, he is a very good dancer and his Broadway style is brilliant.
14. Robert: I really don’t know why he even made the top 20. I guess people like that fact that he says “whoooo” a lot. He is partnered with Miranda who’s all kinds of good so that keeps him from the bottom of the list.
15. Ryan: she was saved by the judges just barely this week and I see why. She doesn’t connect to the material or her partner and has no personality. She’s a good dancer, but unfortunately, very forgettable.
16. Clarice: speaking of forgettable, Clarice defines it.

Well, there they are… the top 16 dancers left in season 8. What do you think of their placements? And who has the power to take the title? Plus, how much do you want to give Nigel a scolding after he eliminated the amazing Nick? Sound off below.

And here’s one more taste of Nick’s fabulous dancing before I go.


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    Hello Jason!
    What you’re doing here is so great! I love your descriptions and opinions; the enthusiasm and personality expressed in your writing creates a more enjoyable experience for me as a reader!
    By the way, my name is Christina and I am wondering if there is any other way to contact you, other than comments, regarding a request for a future post! Preferably e-mail, but any other “more private” way would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and keep it up!

    Christina, LP

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