So You Think You Can Dance Quick Wrap 6/29/11

Sorry about the delay for this post. It’s been a busy week. But enough about my issues, let’s just get down to it. Here are my rankings for week three (our first without the beloved Nick, awwww)… And what a great week it was~ a huge return to form over last week.

~ So You Think You Can Dance Performance Rankings 6/29/11
1. Melanie & Marko (lyrical hip hop): hello, that was FANTASTIC. It was gorgeous, emotional, flawlessly executed and beautifully acted. The power couple of the season have the best chemistry and they were on fire in this tremendous piece by NappyTabs. Just brilliant. I was crying, hooting and hollering on the edge of my seat. Loved it!
2. Caitlyn & Mitchel (samba): um, who knew Mitchell could channel Beyonce, but that he did with his awesome booty shaking. In fact, he and Caitlyn had a ton of booty boom goin’ on throughout this awesome and technically precise number. Fabulous!
3. Sasha & Alexander (contemporary): based on the sheer force of power that is Sasha, this number squeezes into third over Ricky and Ryan. Sasha has become one of my faves and was perfection here. Alexander is also rising to her level and this piece was brilliant.
4. Ricky & Ryan (contemporary): if it weren’t for Ricky, Ryan would be in serious trouble tonight because his incredibly fierce performance on this number was amazing. His lines and athleticism were unparalleled and the emotion was right on. Ryan was good, but needs to come up to his level asap.
5. Jordan & Tadd (hip hop): I wanted to rank this higher, but honestly, it was just too slight of a number. The concept was fun and they performed it very well (especially Tadd), but it fell a tad bit short compared to the outstanding top four dances.
6. Clarice & Jess (fox trot): I don’t know what the judges were smoking because yes, this dance was good, but not the second coming like they proclaimed. Jess just seems to awkward and small for any partnering and Clarice is still pretty boring. That said, it was well executed and lovely.
7. Miranda & Robert (Broadway): well, Miranda was tremendous as usual. Robert was, um, just fine. The number was cool but became quite forgettable as the night wore on which will leave them in serious danger.
8. Chris & Ashley (jazz): these poor kids got screwed with bad music, a bad concept and a really weird number. They performed it admirably and I admire choreographer Sonya for pushing the envelope. Unfortunately, it just didn’t come together for me and I doubt it did for America.

Bottom 3 Couples: Ashley & Chris, Miranda & Robert, Clarice & Jess (but Ricky and Ryan could be a surprise here too)
Going Home: Clarice & Robert

And there ya go. My seriously quick SYTYCD wrap up from last night. It was a great fun show and even Nigel made me giggle. And how incredibly brilliant, incisive and hilarious was Emmy and Tony winning guest judge Kristin Chenowith. I loooooooooooooove her! … But who did you love last night? And who do you think is going home? Tell me about it below.

And here’s Marko & Melanie’s amazeballs number from last night set to Leona Lewis’s wonderful song “I Got You”


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