“The Voice” Surprise~ Javier Wins!

After a strange and messy run, The Voice crowned its first winner in a bit of a surprise with Javier Colon taking the title. While he may have seemed like the frontrunner after his glorious “Time After Time” cover in the blind rounds, he lost a bit of steam to the affable Dia Frampton in the subsequent weeks. Colon always delivered polished strong vocals and was the clear standout on Adam‘s team, but Frampton had become the David Cook of The Voice with intriguing and exciting new interpretations of classic hits. She was also outselling all her competitors by a wide margin on iTunes. After this week’s final performance, Colon’s digital sales came quite close to Frampton’s so it seemed like he could have a shot. But, it really seemed like Dia would win. So kudos America for picking someone with a great voice over someone who has a unique but affected voice…. Of course, I would’ve preferred the best singer of the bunch, Beverly McClellan, to win, or even the punky and awesome belter Vicci Martinez. But I should just be happy that all four finalists were strong contenders. It brought a nice if underwhelming tone to the finale which featured duets from each of the contestants. Here’s my take on those performances for ya:

The Voice Finale Results Performance Rankings:
1. Javier Colon & Stevie Nicks “Landslide”: it was simply gorgeous and became only the second true big “Moment” of all the season’s performances. (The other was Xtina and Beverly’s “Beautiful”.) Javier’s harmonies with Nicks were perfect and it was his best showing to date. Grade: A
2. Vicci Martinez & Pat Monahan “Drops of Jupiter”: while the two didn’t really connect in the song, Martinez’s sheer power and soaring vocals helped this one land in the runner up spot. And she was one of two finalists who outsung their star duet partner on the night. Grade: B
3. Dia Frampton & Miranda Lambert- “The House that Built Me“: this was lovely but boring. And unfortunately for Frampton, but she came nowhere near the strong vocals and emotional sentiment that Lambert displayed on her signature hit. Grade: B-
4. Beverly McClellan & Ryan Tedder- “Good Life”: Beverly gave her all and easily outsung the limited Tedder on his group OneRepublic’s current hit. He’s really a wonderful writer and producer, but not much of a live singer. Beverly, on the other hand, is a great singer. I just wish she had been given a song and a partner worthy of her talent. Grade: C+

So, if you look at those rankings, at least the winner of the show had the best final performance. I do expect all four singers to maintain some level of success in the future and Frampton seems likely to be the biggest seller when all is said and done. It’s understandable since she’s the youngest and the most contemporary of the finalists. I do wish them all well.
I also wish this train wreck of a show well despite my complaints. For all of its mistakes, blunders and bad choices, it was solid entertainment and crowned a good winner. I wonder how it will do holding up against the vastly superior American Idol in the winter. We shall see. But if they want to do well, they had better take these suggestions:
1- Get rid of the social media room, twitter crap and that Alison blond correspondent. They’re all an annoying and terrible waste of time. .
2. Give Carson Daly a good talking to. He needs more energy. He should care about what he’s doing and the contestants. He shouldn’t act like he’s on a telethon. And he should be more informed. What moron who ran TRL for years pronounces one of the biggest writer/singer/producer’s name wrong? Seriously, it’s Ryan TEDDER, not Teeter, you dingbat Carson!
3. Keep the emphasis on the singers. Sure, the coaches were interesting (when they weren’t egotistical or grating) and they gave some good direction. However, the show is about finding the one true NEW voice. It’s not about these former hitmakers.
4. Streamline the audition process, battle rounds and competition rounds. It seemed like the show was making it up as it went along. Figure out what you’re doing NBC!
5. Continue to focus on diversity and honest storytelling and blind casting. That was one of the strongest facets of the show. (Yay for the gay finalists, the wide range of age in competitors and the racial diversity among the singers.)
6. If you’re going to do a results show, don’t just plan it the day before. These results shows were boring, uninspired, featured pretty lame performances and a lack of drama.

I could probably go on and on, but I need to write my So You Think You Can Dance recap (now that’s an amazing reality competition show that is executed incredibly well). So, I will leave you to your own thoughts about this fascinating and flawed show. Will you come back for season two of The Voice? Or are you more excited for the new musical drama Smash, starring American Idol’s Katharine McPhee, that will accompany it like me? Sound off below…. And enjoy winner Javier and Stevie Nick’s great “Landslide” duet as well.

Javier Colon & Stevie Nicks “Landslide”


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2 Responses to ““The Voice” Surprise~ Javier Wins!”

  1. marta Says:

    I really enjoyed The Voice! I thought there was alot of talent!

  2. marta Says:

    But, I am really excited for KATHARINE MCPHEE and SMASH!! WoooHooo!!

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