My All New SYTYCD Buzz Rankings 7/1/11

It’s two weeks in a row with a surprise elimination on season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance. Sure, we knew Miranda would likely be in danger of leaving alongside her obvious-goner of a partner, Robert due to their lackluster Broadway routine on Wednesday night. However, after all the fawning over her by the judges and her amazing solo (that left her female competitors in the bottom 3, Ashley and Caitlyn, in the dust), it seemed like she’d at least make it one more week. Alas, Nigel & co. took out the whole couple sending the lovely Miranda on her way along with one final “whoooooo” for Robert. It was also a bit of a surprise to see Caitlyn and Mitchell in danger after their awesome samba. So I’m wondering about their stability in the competition as we move forward. And that’s also fodder for my all new, totally unscientific So You Think You Can Dance buzz rankings after week three.

SYTYCD Buzz Rankings 7/1/11:
1. Marko: with a triumphantly beautiful and emotional performance this week, Marko leaps to the top of the list. He also remains the only guy I think who can win the whole shebang. (last week~ 3)
2. Melanie: Marko’s partner seems assured a spot in the final four and takes over as the top female contender. She’s got incredible technique and a wonderful personality that will help her coast through this horse race. (lw~ 2)
3. Sasha: she had another strong week and is propelling her partner forward as well. She also looks like an easy bet for the finals. (lw~ 1)
4. Tadd: going shirtless always helps on the SYTYCD stage and his hip hop romp in the bedroom sends him up one more notch. He’s also the most well-rounded bboy the show has possibly ever had. (lw~ 5)
5. Jordan: I have no clue why her results show outfits are so atrocious and ridiculous, but it didn’t matter this week because she was safe after her great routine with Tadd. She’s gaining back some forward momentum too. (lw~ 10)
6. Ricky: since Mitchell was thrown into the bottom 3 this week, Ricky flies ahead to take his spot as the best male contemporary dancer in the competition (unless you count Marko, but I believe they classified him as a jazz dancer). He also single-handedly saved Ryan from danger-ville this week after his rapturous performance in their Sonya routine. (lw~ 11)
7. Alex: he lucked out with the awesome Sasha as a partner and remains a very accomplished technical dancer. This week he opened up emotionally a bit and is starting to climb our list. (lw~ 9)
8. Caitlyn: I’m still kinda shocked she faced elimination last night. But she’s a wonderful dancer who’s all kinds of cute and fun to watch. Her emotional solo showed some cracks in her veneer though (despite the fact that it was great). Hopefully she’ll bounce back next week. (lw~ 4)
9. Mitchell: he’s hilarious, a great sport and a cracklingy good dancer. So, why didn’t America like him this week? Did he remind them too much of Beyonce and her booty shake in the samba and it made them uncomfortable? I really don’t know. But I think he’s awesome. (lw~ 6)
10. Chris: with arguably the best solo of the guys in jeopardy last night, Chris displayed skills and heart. He’s the most improved dancer in the whole competition if you ask me and I think he may become an underdog to root for in the weeks ahead. (lw~ 12)
11. Jess: while I haven’t warmed to this talented Broadway dancer lately (strange since I love me some Broadway), he has remained out of the bottom three for two weeks running. Maybe he’s finally developing a fan base? But is it me or is he just so tiny that when he partners, it just looks wrong? (lw~ 13)
12. Ashley: ok, I think she’s an utter delight with abounding energy and heretofore unseen talent. But she needs a breakout routine to gain some forward movement. And her solo from last night was pretty bad unfortunately. C’mon girl, you can do better! (lw~ 7)
13. Clarice: she was good this week, but I still find her as interesting as watching paint dry. She’s one bad routine away from a trip home, which doesn’t take away from her very accomplished dancing mind you.(lw~ 16)
14. Ryan: sure she had a great number this week and she danced it well. But she’s just not connecting and Ricky stole the show from her by a landslide. I just think she’s on borrowed time here. (lw~ 14)

And then there were fourteen… Marko is now the king and Melanie is his and our queen. But can any of the rest of the court overthrow them and stage a dancing coup? … We’ll see next week when So You Think You Can Dance returns Wed night on Fox.


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