SYTYCD Quick Wrap 7/7/11~ A new Power Couple Arises

So far this season on So You Think You Can Dance, one couple has dominated the competition, Melanie & Marko. Not only are they incredible dancers, but they’re adorable, immensely likable and wonderful performers. They’ve infused every dance with emotion and a sizzling chemistry and this week, they did it again. However, when last night’s show ended, they weren’t the couple we were thinking about… That couple was Caitlyn & Mitchell who blew everyone away with an astounding contemporary routine that catapults them to front of the pack as a new power couple. Do they have what it takes to take down M & M in the end? I don’t know about that, but they are the first couple to chip away at M & M’s armor and are now on the fast track to the top ten and possibly final four. With that said, let’s take a look at all of last night’s dances on a show which featured a saucy and sexy host Cat Deeley rocking a Japanese inspired frock (yes, I can talk British too Cat, hehe), plus guest judges Carmen Electra (um, boring) and the supremely talented former contestant turned SYTYCD choreographer Travis Wall who was a tremendous and insightful addition to the panel. Love him and he was so robbed by that darn Benji in season 2. Um, who’s getting the last laugh now Mr. Schwimmer?…. Ok, enough babbling. Here are my rankings for last night’s performances.

SYTYCD Performance Rankings 7/6/11:
1. Caitlyn & Mitchell: performing a transcendent and gorgeous contemporary routine (um, Mandy Moore, you’re a brilliant choreographer!), these two annihilated the competition. It was precise, heart-stopping, and explosive. Caitlyn was beautiful and ethereal while Mitchell was masculine and powerful. Simply put~ it was the best routine of the season thus far. Do I smell an Emmy nomination?
2. Melanie & Marko: these two can do no wrong. With a sexy, passionate, fun and unique jazz routine by awesome new choreographer Ray Leeper, the couple to beat hit another home run.
3. Ryan & Ricky: in a quirky zombie jazz number by another new choreographer, Chucky something (sorry missed the last name), Ricky and Ryan did their best performance to date. He’s just wonderfully talented and Ryan almost rose to his level. Great job.
4. Jess & Clarice: well, color me shocked because Jess is growing on me. He was very good in this strong contemporary routine and I believed his performance for once. He and Clarice (who is a great technician with her movement) had their first honest connection and it was also their best performance to date in my opinion.
6. Jordan & Tadd: while they executed this waltz quite well, it was just boring in comparison to the rest of the numbers of the night. Tadd continues to surprise and will no doubt be safe even if he faces the bottom three, but Jordan will have to prove why she deserves to stay here. She’s good, but I’m not sold that she should land in the top ten.
6. Sasha & Alexander: they’re both great dancers and Sasha was pretty strong in this hip hop number, but as a whole it was a rather lackluster piece with uninspired execution. Alexander was far out of his element and the two had absolutely no chemistry. Plus Sasha is growing a little less likable for some reason. They’re in danger for sure.
7. Chris & Ashley: gosh I really like them, but um, let’s be honest, that was pretty bad. This salsa number was even a bit uncomfortable to watch. I give them props for stepping up to the plate, but they struck out.

Bottom 3 Couples: Ashley & Chris, Jordan & Tadd, Sasha & Alexander
Going home: Ashley & Chris

So, it looks like it will finally be time to say adieu to our lovable duo of Ashley and Chris. They did an admirable job but are just getting outdanced by their peers. Do you think they can survive in the results tonight? Or is Jordan one bad unitard solo away from a trip home and will Alexander be able to pirouette his way to safety? Let me know your thoughts below. And watch the SYTYCD results show tonight on Fox.

And here’s Mitchell & Caitlyn’s amazing routine from last night set to one of my fave (yes I’m cheesy) Celine Dion songs of all time “To Love You More”


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