My Latest SYTYCD Buzz Rankings 7/8/11

In an emotional but largely predictable elimination, the delightful Ashley and Chris were sent home on So You Think You Can Dance. These two were great spirits and good dancers, but both seemed clearly out of step compared to their peers, especially Chris. In fact, had Nigel and co. actually eliminated people in week 1, I feel like they would’ve been the couple to go. Nonetheless, they made it a few more weeks and I applaud the job they did and wish them well…. And with that cute couple gone, we now only have 12 more contenders and once we have a top ten, we’ll see the All Stars come back. It’s gonna get good. So, just who has the buzz to make it a few more weeks and possibly get to dance with the likes of the brilliant Allison? … Let’s take a look at my all new, completely unscientific buzz rankings for this week…

My SYTYCD Buzz Rankings 7/8/11~
1. Marko: he holds the top spot down after another ferocious week with a fabulous jazz number alongside power partner Melanie. He also stole the show in a hot all guy group number and remains the only man I could see winning the season. (last week~ 1)
2. Melanie: she’s the top girl again and seems a sure shot for the finals among a field of very talented ladies. She also stood out in her great female group number and is a judges and audience favorite. She’s also ridiculously awesome and cute. (lw~ 2)
3. Caitlyn: flying back up the chart this week after her incredibly gorgeous and moving contemporary routing is the dark horse for the finals, Caitlyn. She’s beautiful and growing each week and as Randy Jackson might say, she’s in it to win it. (lw~8)
4. Mitchell: also flying high this week is Caitlyn’s partner Mitchell who’s not only hilarious but an amazing dancer. He was convincingly masculine and sexy in their glorious piece this week and is gaining momentum. (lw~ 9)
5. Sasha: despite a poor showing in her hip hop number this week, Sasha clearly has a big fan base who kept her and Alexander (who was a disaster in the number) out of the bottom three. She’s a fantastic and powerful dancer, but I’m starting to worry about a possible big ego that seems to be coming through lately. (lw~ 3)
6. Tadd: he may have been in the bottom three, but I blame that on the unlikability issue of his partner Jordan and the fact that he was saddled with a boring waltz. His solo was immensely entertaining and he has tremendous personality and potential. I think he could be a favorite when he gets an All Star to play with… (lw~ 4)
7. Jess: with his best week yet and his first honest performance with a lovely connection to his partner Clarice, Jess bounds back up the chart. He has the skills. He just needs to reign in that annoying personality and keep on growing each week. (lw~ 11)
8. Clarice: I still find her as interesting as drift wood, but she’s a lovely dancer and this week, she had another strong performance. The judges also seem to adore her, so she take a leap up on the list. (lw~ 13)
9. Alex: I like the guy and he’s tremendous in contemporary, jazz and ballet. However, as he showed in this week’s hip hop, he has a big weakness, and let’s be honest, he was a mess on Wed night. Luckily, he has a popular partner in Sasha and he could sail to the top ten. (lw~ 7)
10. Ricky: this poor guy always does an exemplary and wondrous job with his performances. Unfortunately, he’s saddled with the boring and prickly Ryan. So he slides down the list. Hopefully, he’ll make it to the top ten and truly be able to excel with a new partner. (lw~ 6)
11. Jordan: girl needs to get over the devlopay or whatever it is that move is she does allllll the time. Show us new tricks and more of your personality stat. Because you’re good, but you’re not great and you’re teetering on the edge of goodbye (not glory like Gaga, lol)… (lw~ 5)
12. Ryan: yes, she’s technically very good. But that’s where it ends. The facial expressions are wrong nine times out of ten and she has no connection to her partner or the true emotions of the piece she’s in. She’s on borrowed time. (lw~ 14)

So, it’s still Marko and Melanie out in front for the season 8 crown. Can anyone take them down in the weeks ahead? … And more importantly, just what will Cat wear next week? Find out Wednesday night on SYTYCD on Fox.


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