Glee 3D is coming to your town!

This morning Glee picked up 12 big Emmy nominations including Comedy Series, Supporting Actress (last year’s winner Jane Lynch), Supporting Actor (Golden Globe winner Chris Colfer) and Guest Actress contenders Gwyneth Paltrow (Holly), Kristen Chenowith (April) and perhaps the nicest person in show business Dot Marie Jones who plays Coach Biest…. But award nominations are old hat for this phenom. These days the show is massive worldwide music money-making machine, and now that train is headed to your hometown… in 3D. You see, the Glee Live! concert tour that hit cities across the nation earlier this summer was filmed and is now a concert movie set to hit theatres on August 12th. Having gone to the concert in May, I can tell you it was an amazing show and featured all the student actors on the show including Darren Criss (Blaine) and the Warblers. Every number was wonderful and I’m sure it will be even more spectacular on the big screen. So, get ready to hit theatres next month with Glee and check out the first trailer for Glee 3D below.

Glee 3D


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