My All New SYTYCD Buzz Rankings

We have your top ten So You Think You Can Dance fans. With the obvious elimination of Ryan and the somewhat surprising ousting of Alex (after his stellar work on Wed night, not his lackluster solo on Thursday), we are seriously getting down to business as the top ten contenders will now have new partners each week with their peers and with an All Star. And hello, we have some great All Stars coming back like Pasha, Robert, Kathryn, Twitch, Brandon, Allison and even Melody from season 1! Can’t wait for this week… But before we can even think about what might happen on Wed night, let’s take a look at my latest completely unscientific SYTYCD Buzz Rankings for the 10 dancers still in it to win it.

SYTYCD Buzz Rankings 7/18/11~
1. Melanie: stealing the top spot back from her partner, the girl who will probably win the whole shebang can do no wrong. She was all kinds of good this week and has the charisma and ability to shine with any partner. (last week~ 2)
2. Marko: sliding just a notch due to Melanie’s star quality, Marko is still making a case to be the top man at the end of the season. He’s been incredibly versatile thus far and I can’t wait to see him rise to the level of someone amazing like Allison from season 2. (lw~ 1)
3. Tadd: this bboy could be a darkhorse for the title as he has effortlessly excelled outside of his genre. And now, he won’t have the somewhat love her/hate her Jordan to bring him down to the bottom three. I foresee a good run for Tadd. (lw~ 6)
4. Sasha: while her ego and personality are veering on the edge of cocky and unlikable, you can’t deny her incredible power, precision and skill. I think maybe she just needs some new blood as her partnership with Alex seemed pained to say the least. I still say she’s a strong shot for the finals. (lw~ 4)
5. Jess: well, color me crazy because this lil Broadway baby has impressed me two weeks in a row now. His dancing has been honest, full of conviction and flawless. He’s on the rise. (lw~ 7)
6. Caitlyn: if only she would get her hair out of her face, so we could really see this Reese Witherspoon with brown hair look-alike emote. She’s a great dancer and has tons of untapped potential. I’m excited to see where she goes with a new partner as well. (lw~ 3)
7. Clarice: after her strongest week to date, Clarice climbs another notch and will now have to maker her case without Jess. If she continues on this upward trajectory, she could be making me eat my words about her (ahem, boring) from a few weeks back. (lw~8)
8. Jordan: she escaped the bottom 3 this week and is clearly a strong dancer. But I wonder how she will fare without her magnetic and intriguing former partner Tadd. (lw~ 11)
9. Ricky: he gave one heck of a solo this week to stay in the competition and he’s very likable, but he has faced elimination week after week. I dare say, that was more due to his partner Ryan though. So, will he make a comeback now that he’s on his own? (lw~ 10)
10. Mitchell: this fun guy did a fantastic solo that kept him in the race as well on Thursday. But how will he fare without the delightful Caitlyn? I’m worried the audience isn’t warming to him like I am. I hope he steps it up because he’s a wonderful dancer and performer. (lw~ 4)

So, just who will be able to handle two new partners and who will crumble under the pressure? And will you be able to bear Marko and Melanie dancing apart? Tune in to the newly Emmy nominated So You Think You Can Dance on Fox Wed night to find out.

And here’s one special treat before I go~ the incredibly awesome group number from last week’s SYTYCD results show.



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