My all New SYTYCD Buzz Rankings~ the Top 8!

Last night, the field of finalists on So You Think You Can Dance was narrowed to eight as Nigel and co dismissed the delightful Mitchell and the sweet if unmemorable Clarice. It wasn’t too big of a surprise especially since the judges still had the power. If it was solely up to viewer votes, I think Jordin may have exited in Clarice’s place especially after that defeated solo. So, just where does she land on my list of new SYTYCD buzz rankings? I think you can guess… Take a look at my all new totally unscientific buzz rankings below.

So You Think You Can Dance Buzz Top 8 Buzz Rankings:
1. Melanie: holding tight in the top spot is the gorgeous dancer and gorgeous girl Melanie. She truly lives and breathes each performance regardless of the style and has a wonderful connection with her partners. She remains the one to beat. (last week~ 1)
2. Sasha: I almost ranked Sasha first due to the incredible fierceness and brilliance of her hip hop routine from Wednesday. However, she still seems to lack a little humility and that may hurt her when it comes to the finals. But mark my words, she will be in the finals alongside Melanie, Marko and ??? (lw~ 4)
3. Marko: he’s still the top guy but got outshone by the ladies a little this week. Regardless, he remains a consummate pro and who knew he could shake his hips so well in that awesome samba? And he proved he can have some sexy chemistry with someone other than Melanie too. (lw~ 2)
4. Tadd: he totally outdanced his All Star Comfort this week and he’s incredibly likable and fun to watch. Whether in his own genre or not, he has performed seamlessly and somewhat effortlessly. Is he a spoiler for the title? (lw~ 3)
5. Caitlyn: with an incredibly sexy tango, this week Caitlyn finally became a star. She’s always been talented and done great work, but she finally connected to her dance and her partner, the amazing Pasha. Will she be able to steal a spot in the final four too? (lw~ 6)
6. Jess: he’s been sailing along smoothly for the past few weeks and continues to grow as a performer. As long as he keeps the mugging to a minimum (thank Neil Patrick Harris!) and delivers honest, emotional performances, he might grab that final four spot as well. (lw~ 5)
7. Ricky: well, damn if he hasn’t done the best solos of the season and last night when in danger again, he just killed it. I don’t know what America has against the guy because he’s got a wonderful spirit and is a brilliant dancer. He just needs one great routine to rise above. Will it happen next week? (lw~ 9)
8. Jordan: the girl who’s obsessed with devlope’s (I have no idea if that’s how you spell it, but you know what I’m talking about) barely escaped elimination last night. However, I think this may be her last stand. She’s running on fumes at this point. (lw~8)

And then there were eight, but they’re all great! Ok, stupid rhymes aside, it’s getting interesting on SYTYCD. Can any of them beat Melanie to the crown? And will there be a surprise competitor or two in the final four? Stay tuned and tell me who you think has the buzz below.


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