My SYTYCD Quick Quick Quick Wrap 7/27/11

How awesome was tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance and I’m not just saying that because I’m in a great mood (cuz it’s my birthday!)… It was just a really good show and there were three simply astonishing routines. There was also the great director/choreographer Rob Marshall as a wonderful judge… And oh yeah, Grammy winning superstar Lady Gaga was on the panel too and she was brilliant. She was hilarious, insightful, moving and simply GagaTastic! … Anywho, I’m on vacation as you readers know, so tonight’s recap is gonna be super quick. Here are my rankings and predictions. I’ll make up for it next week!! …

My SYTYCD Performance Rankings 7/27/11:
1. Melanie & Neil (contemporary): Um, give Mandy Moore an Emmy. Astounding!
2. Melanie & Sasha (jazz): while you’re at it, give Sonya an Emmy too. Amazing.
3. Marko & Allison (contemporary): damn good! Hello Sonya was on fire tonight with her choreography.
4. Jordan & Ade (jazz)- she kept up with him and it was sexy cool good.
5. Tadd & Lauren F (jazz)- loved it!
6. Marko & Ricky (hip hop)
7. Jess & Lauren G (hip hop)
8. Ricky & Anya (jive)
9. Jordan & Jess (rumba)
10. Caitlyn & Ivan (hip hop)
11. Caitlyn & Tadd (fox trot)
12. Sasha & Pasha (quickstep): um, that headband alone deserved last place. Sorry

Bottom 2 Guys: Jess & Ricky
Bottom 2 Girls: Caitlyn & Jordan
Going Home: Caitlyn & Ricky

So, poor Caitlyn got stuck with some seriously bad dances and it’s probably the end of her journey along with the delightful Ricky. I fear Jess’s young fans will save him for one more week. We’ll see tomorrow night when Gaga takes the stage for the results show…. As for me, I’m off to the Broadway!! And yes, Rob Marshall, it is fantastic! I’ll give ya deets on the shows I’m seeing when I return. Have a good week readers!

And please enjoy the best and most beautiful routine of the week from Melanie (who is so gonna win the whole thing) and one of my all time faves Neil:


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