My SYTYCD Quick Wrap 8/3/11

Welcome to the Top 6 on So You Think You Can Dance readers… It was a hot battle between the female beasts of the competition last night as Melanie and Sasha went toe to toe and dare I say, Sasha emerged victorious… just barely that is… You see both ladies soared yet again and may just make the first all female final two in the show’s history. I kind of hope they do. However, they’ll have to fend off the delightful Marko and either Ricky or Tadd in next week’s finale. Where’s Caitlyn‘s name in all of this talk? Well, despite having her best night of the competition yet, it was probably her last night on the floor as Sasha and Melanie just killed it. Both of those ladies are assured a spot in the finale… But just how did it all break down last night? Check out my performance rankings below and see.

My SYTYCD Performance Rankings 8/3/11~
1. Sasha & Kent (contemporary): talk about ripping your heart out and handing it to your lover and them smashing it on the floor. That’s exactly how this routine felt. It was simply astonishing, stunning and made you feel perhaps more than any other dance this season, and Sasha was transcendent throughout it. Her technique was flawless of course, but her connection to the material was so deep, raw and real that it moved beyond dance into the realm of true art. And she made me ignore one of my faves Kent. That’s a true feat.
2. Caitlyn & Marko (Jazz): well, that was aggressive, dirty, hot and just fantastic. This Sonya piece was weird and wonderful as all of her best work is and both dancers rose to the challenge. This was also easily Caitlyn’s best work of the season.
3. Melanie & Tadd (Broadway): in this incredibly sexy, saucy and spicy number, Melanie proved yet again that she can do anything. She makes even the smallest movement or a look in her eye mean so much. Amazing, and Tadd was great too. It’s no small task to hold his own with her and he did so wonderfully in this tremendous piece by Broadway hottie Spencer Liff.
4. Ricky & Jamie (contemporary): I loved this number that was so fluid, interesting and unique. While the props stifled and constricted Ricky a little, he still did a very admirable job. However, all-star Jamie was brilliant and helped this number rise into my top five for the night.
5. Caitlyn & Pasha: ok, first let’s just state yet again that Pasha is simply AWESOME. He was so good in this number from former SYTYCD contestant turned Emmy nominated choreographer and Dancing with the Stars pro Dimitry Chaplin that I had to keep reminding myself to watch Caitlyn. I’m glad I did though because she did an exemplary job in this sexy fun number too.
6. Sasha & Ricky (whacking): um, I kinda love whacking which I would just describe as drag queen dancing for better clarification. It was super fun and they did a good job, but Sasha really owned this number and Ricky here.
7. Marko & Jeanette (paso doble): despite one little stumble, Marko was very good, powerful, passionate and precise in this entertaining number. And that move where he used Jeanette as the cape~ amazeballs!
8. Melanie & Twitch: wow, I don’t think Melanie has ever been this low on the list before. But it’s not her fault. This number just felt a little forgettable compared to the other dances tonight. Regardless, she did a really good job especially as she got down and dirty in the second half of it.
9. Tadd & Elenore (jazz): well, um, what do say about this one? … Um, I loved the chandelier and Tadd did his best… But sorry, it didn’t really speak to me and I think it did Tadd no favors. Plus, they had no chemistry and who the heck is Elenore again?

1. Melanie (best solo of the season and perhaps the best female solo in the series… definitely since Janelle’s finale solo in season 5)
2. Sasha
3. Marko
4. Caitlyn
5. Ricky
6. Tadd

Going Home: Caitlyn and Ricky (but Tadd should keep his fingers crossed….)

So in the immortal words of Boyz II Men, we’ve come to the “End of the Road” for Caitlyn and Ricky. At least that’s how I see it. But what do you think? Will Ricky escape once again and will Tadd see his hopes of a finale dance dashed? … Plus how awesome was Emmy winner/Tony nominee Christina Applegate as a guest judge? Loved her. She was so informed, gave great critique, and was a wonderful addition… Oh and is it me or are they playing fast and loose with the term “All Star” because Jeanette and especially Elenore are far from all-stars (despite their talent) in my book…. What do you think? Sound off below and watch the results show featuring my fave Idol girl from this season Pia Toscano tonight on Fox.

And here’s Sasha’s amazing routine with Kent choreographed by a resurgent Tyce Diorio from last night.


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