My Final SYTYCD Top 4 Buzz Rankings for Season 8

In just two days, we will know just who “America’s Favorite Dancer” is when the big So You Think You Can Dance season 8 finale airs on Fox. In my eyes, it’s kind of obvious who will win (cough, ahem, Melanie, cough). So, the more interesting question is who will grab the runner-up spot… Will it be Marko or Sasha? Or can Tadd pull out the upset of the century (or let’s be honest, the season) and sneak into the top three? I suppose the routines they perform will make a big difference and you know that all four dancers are praying for NappyTabs and Travis Wall numbers as we speak… With all of that said, who has the buzz to join the most deserving winners like Janelle (season 5), Nick (season 1) and Lauren (season 7) along with the other winners Benji (he beat Travis in season 2, WHAT?), Sabra (she beat Neil and Danny in season 3, huh?), Joshua (he took out Katie in season 4, grrr) and Russell (who beat the immensely more qualified and fabulous Kathryn and Jacob in season 6)… Well, let’s check out my all new completely unscientific final SYTYCD Buzz rankings for the final four.

SYTYCD Buzz Rankigns for Season 8’s Final Four:
1. Melanie: I don’t think there’s ever been such a dominant front-runner on the show in both ability and popularity. She’s technically the most accomplished and acclaimed dancer left in the competition, but more importantly she’s the best performer. You feel everything when she dances~ joy, heartache, longing, fear, etc. You name it she has nailed it and done it with aplomb. Add that to the fact that you just want to hug her every time you see her and you have the clear and most likely victor. (last week~ 1)
2. Sasha: she has come on strong the last few weeks and pretty much defines the term “fierce” when she performs. Her strength, power and commitment are tremendous and she has become a lot more likable once she hit the top ten (without her former partner Alex). Can she stop the Melanie hot tamale train? (last week~ 2)
3. Marko: he’s the only male competitor to get the “beast” label that was tossed around to most of the women this season, but he certainly deserved it. He’s been fantastic in every genre he’s been given and you can’t help but root for him. His technique is flawless and his connection to the material is always first-rate. He’s a serious threat to make the final two. But can he surprise his former partner and steal the title? (last week~ 3)
4. Tadd: this amiable bboy has overcome a ton of insurmountable odds to make it to the finals. He appeared in the dangerous bottom 3 time and time again. Yet, he managed to escape in every instance and he’s grown more than any other dancer this season. He’s truly becoming a Renaissance dancer and I’d love to see him shock people by landing in the top three or two. But is that just crazy wishful thinking? Probably. (last week~ 5)

And there it is. The final four Buzz Rankings for Season 8. I think most of us will agree that it is Melanie’s contest to lose. Will she hold up to the pressure? Will it be the first all female final two? Will Tadd wear a shirt? Find out tomorrow night on So You Think You Can Dance.



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