My SYTYCD Performance Finale Quick Wrap 8/10/11

Ok, I don’t know about you but last night’s So You Think You Can Dance performance finale was arguably the worst finale in the history of the show. For a season that could be described as lackluster at best, it was a sad end despite the quite capable final four. I don’t blame the dancers (Melanie, Marko, Sasha, and Tadd) at all because they gave their all. I lay the blame more at the producers and choreographers feet for poor choices of dance styles and uninspired routines. With that said, we went into the finale under the guise that Melanie was easily going to win it all, and I still think she will. However, Sasha and Marko put up a fierce battle and may just upset. The question for me though, is which of them will grab the runner-up spot…. So, let’s take a look at my final SYTYCD performance rankings and predictions for a better idea…

SYTYCD Finale Performance Rankings:
~ the Good
1. Marko & Lauren (contemporary): now that was a routine! Tassandra’s choreography was the most interesting and exciting of the night and required Marko and the amazing Lauren (wow she has grown since winning last year) to immerse themselves physically and emotionally. What a connection they had to each other and the material. Simply astounding.
2. Melanie & Robert (contemporary): thank goodness for Stacy Tookey who has been one of the few consistent choreographers this season as she delivered another gorgeous routine performed with typical excellence by Melanie and my fave from last season Robert. It was fluid, beautiful and moving.
3. Sasha & Mark: say what you will about Sonya, but when she’s on… she’s on! And tonight this was some of her best work to date. It was powerful, explosive, suspenseful and sexy and Sasha nailed it. It helps that Mark is possibly the sexiest (and one of the most talented) alumni in the show’s history.
4. Melanie & Tadd (jazz): well that was all kinds of hot, sexy and fun. It was truly a breath of fresh air on a night that was so lacking in positive energy. Melanie owned every second of this piece and Tadd was almost up to her level on his best performance of the night.
5. Melanie & Sasha (contemporary): Stacy Tookey’s other lovely piece had our two ladies enacting their fantasies of breaking out of their prison-like housewife lives, and both were wonderful. I loved their camaraderie and tremendous technique. I would say Melanie nailed the acting performance of the routine a notch better than Sasha though.
~the Decent
6. Sasha & Marko (Broadway): in this adorable number from Spencer Liff, Sasha & Marko had surprisingly fun and sexy chemistry. It was a little light as a whole, but still pretty delightful to watch.
7. Tadd & Joshua (hip hop): sure Joshua hit it harder than Tadd in this number, but Tadd has charisma for days and he shined as best as he could here. I just wish it was a more engaging piece.
~the Bad
8. Marko & Melanie (Disco): well, if that was the only disco piece we’ve had all season, I’m glad… because it was not good. It felt heavy and slow and our power couple looked uncomfortable throughout it. They also had trouble getting in and out of the lifts and didn’t seem like they enjoyed it one bit.
9. Sasha & Tadd (cha cha): well, Sasha looked hot in the number… um, that’s all the positive I have for you. This choreography from moonlighting Dancing with the Stars stud Mark Ballas was too ambitious and disconnected fort he duo and did them no favors. It highlighted their weaknesses within the genre unfortunately and wasn’t all that fun to watch either.
9. Tadd & Marko (gumboot stepping): um, I wanted to step right out of the room watching this… It was just bad on all levels. Sorry kids.

1. Melanie (she’s just so good, it makes you want to cry)
2. Sasha (nice emotional intensity and beautiful movement)
3. Marko (nice technique but rather scattered and a little desperate)
4. Tadd (fun but slight)

1. Melanie
2. Sasha
3. Marko
4. Tadd

So, I’m calling Melanie the winner, as I think most of us did back when they announced the Top 20. Rarely has the best technical dancer won (perhaps only in season 1 with Nick), but Melanie was also had a vibrant and infectious personality worth rooting for. So, put those things together and you have this season’s victor. I’m also excited that I think we’ll have our first all female final two (and a very deserving final two). Plus, kudos to Marko for a wonderful season and to Tadd for defying everyone’s expectations and making it so far. I’m thrilled for these four dancers and their future careers. I just wish it had been a better season as a whole.
Now, I want to know what you think… Who’s gonna win? Who was your fave? Were you as unimpressed with last night as I was? And how useless was guest judge Katie Holmes? Oh, and is it me or did Uncle Nigel take a little trek to Mary’s botox doc before last night show? … Let me know below.

And here’s my favorite number from the night~ Marko & Lauren’s contemporary piece.


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