Melanie wins So You Think You Can Dance!

It seemed an almost forgone conclusion when we met the Top 20 contestants on So You Think You Can Dance this season that Melanie Moore would win the whole shebang, and she sure did. Rarely, has a front-runner emerged so early and actually grabbed the title. In fact, I’d say the only season it happened before was in season 1 with Nick. So kudos to Melanie who was not only a “beast” as she was labeled this season, but also a lovely and gracious person. She was tremendous in every one of her routines, emotionally invested, a beautiful actress and performer throughout. I’m thrilled that she won. I’m also excited that Ameriker (yes, I’m talkin’ like Cat folks) picked Sasha as the runner-up giving us our first all female final two. That meant Marko landed in third and Tadd wound up in fourth just as I had predicted. I am so impressed that voting viewers actually got the complete top four correct. Well played! … And let’s just congratulate the show on a great finale. It was leaps and bounds ahead of Wednesday’s competition show and a fitting end to the season. Standout choreographers this year were Sonya Tayeh and Emmy nominees Stacy Tookey and Travis Wall who will all likely be in the running again next year. And let’s hope they give the amazing tapper Nick another shot. He was cut for no reason way too soon. In fact, just check out this amazing routine he did last night with Jess and U.K. SYTYCD winner Matt Flint. Just brilliant.

Nick, Jess & Matt Flint

Now, before I go, let’s give another big hand to the wonderful Melanie. She will have a huge career (and I think the rest of the top three will do very well too, especially Sasha). For our final parting clip of the season, please enjoy my favorite piece from this year, Melanie and season 3 All Star Neil in Stacy Tookey’s amazing “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. Congrats Melanie!!!! … And here’s to season 9!

Melanie & Neil “Total Eclipse of the Heart”


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