First Look~ Lady Gaga “You and I”

It’s here~ Lady Gaga’s brand new video for the 4th single off of her massively successful # 1 album Born This Way. The clip for the song, “You and I” is a sprawling epic with dueling male/female Gagas, mermaids, a hot male model going all Dr. Frankenstein, Gaga and her girl dancers cutting a rug in a big warehouse and lots of fascinating costumes as we’ve come to expect from the Grammy winning singer. It’s a great and entertaining video and a huge step back in the right direction after the disappointing clip for “The Edge of Glory” (which is still one of my faves and a big hit song that recently peaked at # 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100). I think the video will help this rockin ballad, a huge change of pace for the singer, fly right up the charts. Check it out below.

Lady Gaga “You and I”



6 Responses to “First Look~ Lady Gaga “You and I””

  1. rodrigo Says:

    do you know who’s the hot male model? no one seems to have a clue.

  2. jasonboegh Says:

    I dont unfortunately. If I find out, I’ll let ya know though.

  3. social1 Says:

    Let me know too please when you find out. He’s freaking hott! “)

  4. jasonboegh Says:

    Will do

  5. tilvios Says:

    Taylor Kinney.

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