First Look~ Fringe’s New Season!

On the season finale of the brilliant and unfortunately Emmy-ignored (but Critic’s Choice winning) Fringe, the show brought the two parallel universes together causing all kinds of drama. What is the true fate of Peter (Joshua Jackson)? How will the two Olivias (Anna Torv) and Walters (John Noble) deal with one another? And just what the heck is going on? Well, I try not to ponder those questions as my head might explode and instead I’ll eagerly await the season 4 premiere on Friday Sept. 23. In the meantime, we have our first teaser trailer to tide us over. Oh and one other note, Seth Gabel who plays Lincoln is now a series regular, yay! Take a look below and get on the Fringe next month!

Fringe season 4 teaser


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One Response to “First Look~ Fringe’s New Season!”

  1. Johan Says:

    I think Fringe is totally brilliant. Can’t wait for the new reason.. I tort it was over..

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