First Look~ Beyonce “1 + 1”

Will a glowing shiny and glittery Beyonce save her latest album? That’s the question some of you may ask after seeing her brand new video, “1 +1”. The Prince-like ballad is the third release after her commercial and critically disappointing album, 4. The record is her worst selling disc to date and has produced no big hits. The first single, “Girls Who Run the World” was a giant flop and “Best Thing I Never Had” (which I actually like mind you) barely hit the top 20 on the Hot 100 Singles chart. Poor B has never struggled like this with an album or her singles. I mean she had 5 hits in a row from her last album, I Am Sasha Fierce. So, it’s a strange time for the Grammy winner… However, this new single and a performance at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards could ignite the public’s interest. I, for one, at least like this song and video (one of the few tracks on 4 I actually like. I gave the album a “C-“ grade overall)… If anything, the video should get a lot of play on Vevo and YouTube as B is all shiny, sexy, wet, sweaty and doing some serious hair flipping. You can’t go wrong with that… So, what do you think of the new clip? Will it save the album? Or should Beyonce just move on to her next project. Check it out below.

Beyonce “1 + 1”


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