Matt Damon plays with the Animals

Oscar winner Matt Damon is currently battling infectious diseases on the big screen in the thriller Contagion, but his next film will be a whole different kind of battle… with killer animals. For his next project, Damon will be tangling with lions, tigers and bears~ oh my in We Bought a Zoo. The dramedy is the first film from Oscar winner Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous) since the dreadful Elizabethtown six years ago. Luckily judging from the first trailer, he could have another big hit on his hands. In the film, Damon moves his family to the countryside to re-open a struggling zoo and restart his life. There he encounters a zookeeper in the form of Scarlett Johannson and romance, comedy and tears ensue. Opening on Dec. 23rd, I bet this could be a winner for Damon and Crowe along the lines of Crowe’s smash Jerry Maguire which nabbed a bunch of Oscar nods. We’ll see if this plays into the awards race later in the year, but for now, check out the trailer below and let me know if you want to visit this Zoo.

We Bought a Zoo


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