Michael Buble v. Mariah Carey~ A “Christmas” Battle

As any of my friends could tell (and I’ve mentioned here before), I am no fan of Christmas music until at least the second week of December. However, the music business and pretty much every other retailer in the country could care less what I think because new holiday music releases are everywhere. And for everyone, I might like (the second Glee Christmas record for example), there are a ton I will despise (ahem, Justin Bieber…). Currently, the big Xmas album comes from Canadian crooner Michael Buble who seems to suit this season very well with his soothing jazzy vocals. Unfortunately, there is one giant flaming stinkbomb of fruitcake in his new collection, an incredibly horrifying remake of Mariah Carey’s classic “All I Want for Christmas is You”. Carey’s song is one of my top 5 holiday faves (and that’s saying something because holiday music is not a genre I love). So, you can imagine just how bad it is, if he has desecrated one of the few Xmas songs I truly love. But the question is do you want to burn it with coal too? Check out his new single from his current # 2 Christmas album below and then listen to the awesome original by Carey. I defy anyone to admit they like Buble’s atrocious cover more than Carey’s. Let me hear what you think about these holiday tunes in the comments below… And um, Happy Thanksgiving people! (Yes, let’s concentrate on turkeys for the next week please).

Michael Buble “All I Want for Christmas”

Mariah Carey “All I Want for Christmas”


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One Response to “Michael Buble v. Mariah Carey~ A “Christmas” Battle”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Sorry, I like both. One is very peppy and happy. One is very mellow and thoughtful. It’s not like its a horrible instrumentation or performance of it, it’s just different.

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