Relive Madonna’s Magnificent Super Bowl Appearance

There’s no disputing that Madonna is the Queen of Pop. The Grammy winning superstar proved it yet again tonight stealing the show at the Super Bowl with a stupendous performance. She was simply brilliant in a medley of her biggest hits “Vogue”, “Music”, “Open Your Hear” and “Like A Prayer”. She also employed guests LMFAO on the “Music/Party Rock Anthem” section, Cee Lo Green on “Heart” and  “Prayer” (with a touch of “Express Yourself”) and M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj on her awesome new single “Give Me All Your Luvin'”. After the performance, the song flew up to # 3 on iTunes and is rising fast. Not too bad for a 53-year-old. Madge is simply unstoppable. Her new album, MDNA, is already # 1 in 41 countries from pre-orders too. It’s astounding and now you can watch her fantastic performance again. Take a look below…. Oh, and let’s just take a moment to acknowledge the great sentiment of “World Peace” she left as her last image. She’s got class too. Long Live the Queen!

Madonna~ the Super Bowl Performance


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