Kelly Clarkson is “Crazy” for Madonna

Grammy winners Kelly Clarkson and Madonna both gave incredible performances at the Super Bowl this weekend. Clarkson’s “National Anthem” was glorious while Madonna’s Half Time show was astounding and has become the most watched moment in television history! As a result, both singers albums and singles are selling at an even faster rate than before. Kelly is # 1 on iTunes with “Stronger” (and will likely top the Hot 100 with it tomorrow) while Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Luvin'” rose to # 2 on iTunes after the big game and her upcoming album, MDNA, remains on top of their album chart with its immense amount of pre-orders…. And the connection doesn’t stop there… As any Kelly fan will tell you, at her first American Idol audition back in 2002, she sang Madge’s #2 smash from 1989 “Express Yourself” and bowled over the judges. Well, she just covered the icon again at her recent concert doing her # 1 ballad from 1985 “Crazy for You”. It’s just the latest in a line of amazing cover songs Kelly had done on her tour this year. Check out both of Kelly’s homages to the big M below.

Kelly Clarkson “Crazy for You”

Kelly Clarkson “Express Yourself” at her first American Idol audition


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