Glee Goes Boy Band!

Another new Glee video has just hit the web for the upcoming “winter finale” episode set to air Tuesday night on Fox. This one features the Warblers taking on the current top 20 hit “Glad You Came” by British boy band The Wanted. The original version is just beginning its chart run here in the U.S. after scoring big back in the U.K. In fact, The Wanted along with UK X Factor sensation One Direction seem to be starting up a new wave of boy band love here on our shore. If it continues, we could have a new NSYNC v. Backstreet Boys rivalry on our hands any day now. In the meantime, check out Grant Gustin (Sebastian) and the Warblers on “Glad” along with The Wanted’s original below.

Glee~ “Glad You Came”

The Wanted~ “Glad You Came”


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2 Responses to “Glee Goes Boy Band!”

  1. Kathryn (@haggishead72) Says:

    I think I’d rather hear some of the classic boyband songs from the Backstreet Boys and nsync than songs I’ve never heard of from bands I’m too old to give a crap about!!!! I Want It That Way and Bye Bye Bye for me!!

    • natwu7699 Says:

      I agree with you in a way! I’m 16 but I love BSB (and I like NSYNC too) and I think that it would be cool for Glee to do some classic boyband stuff. Although I must admit that I do love “Glad You Came”, One Direction and Big Time Rush as well! Haha … Eclectic taste.

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