Shameless Self Promotion~ The Adventures of Velvet Prozak

Hey  readers,I’ve got a treat for ya today… A wonderful, hysterical, absurd and fascinating new web series I was lucky enough to be a part of, The Adventures of Velvet Prozak, just hit the web today. It’s about the misadventures of a wannabe actor/star in Hollywood named Velvet Proazk and I play his manager’s assistant Jack (to hilarious, sarcastic and inappropriate perfection if I do say so myself). Anywho, the first three webisodes have hit youtube and I’ve got them for you below. Watch them here or on youtube or Facebook. Check out all the information below, like the Velvet Prozak Facebook page and form more on this great project from writer/director/producer/star Saige Walker, head here.

The Adventures of Velvet Prozak:

Velvet Prozak
Show summary: Murphy’s Law rules Velvet’s world; anything that can go wrong, does. After being dumped by his model girlfriend, Velvet misses an audition, has his car towed, loses his french fry-costumed job and is in danger of losing his entire world. He seeks advice from his dominating, ball-busting manager, Sandra Greenen, who advises him to just have a bunch of wild fun with girls, boys, apple pies or whatever pops his cherry. Following his manager and friend’s advice he finds himself in a downward, comical spiral of events which leads to him discovering the secret that changes his outlook, career and ultimately his world.
Starring: Saige Walker, Jason Boegh and Allie Meixner
(Catch me in episode 1 at the end and in all of episode 2)

Facebook link:

Episode 1~ The Wrong Side of the Bed

Episode 2~ Ballz to the Wall

Episode 3: Game Over

And stay tuned for new episodes of The Adventures of Velvet Prozak in the weeks and months ahead.

And please enjoy a picture of me in character as “Jack” in Velvet Proazk:


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