American Idol Quick Wrap 3/14/12~ The Night we Were Bored…

Tonight’s theme on American Idol was “The Year They were Born”. I think they should’ve renamed it “The Night We were Bored” as most of the contestants had some serious problems with song choices, not to mention sleepy performances. Ballads were the order of the night and only a few of them were infused with emotion and personality. I just wish I could have chosen the songs for them. Unfortunately, one of them just might be going home… Why do I say might, you ask? Well, that’s because the gentle giant turned ungrateful monster Jermaine Jones was eliminated because of his previously undisclosed criminal past including 4 outstanding warrants. I say good riddance. He was most likely going to get voted out this week anyway, and despite a nice voice, he really had no shot in the competition…. So, the question is who will leave in his place tomorrow night? Well, let’s take a look at my rankings for an answer…

American Idol Performance Rankings 3/14/12:
~ the great
1. Joshua: this boy utterly destroyed the competition tonight with an amazing, guttural, emotionally resonant and simply fierce performance of Michael Bolton’s # 1 hit cover of “When A Man Loves A Woman” from 1992. No one even came close to this standout performance, perhaps the first big “moment” of the season.
~ the good
2. Hollie: well, this girl certainly likes a challenge and Celine Dion’s #1 power ballad (also a cover) of “The Power of Love” was a big challenge. Luckily, Hollie rose to the high degree of difficulty and nailed it. I just wish her styling were as good as her belting. That dress was terrible.
3. Phillip: ok, I’m kinda shocked I’m ranking him this high, but on a night when so many underwhelmed, Phillip’s assured take on The Black Crowes’ 1990 rocker “Hard to Handle” flew up my chart. He also only yelled at us once. This boy is here for awhile ya’ll.
4. Skylar: how can you not love this girl? Especially when she ignores the mentors’ advice, sticks to her song choice and does a great job. Sure, Bonnie Raitt’s hit from 1994, “Love Sneakin’ Up on You”, wasn’t the most exciting choice, but it fit Skylar like a glove and she performed the heck out of it.
~ the pretty good
5. Jessica: after reviewing everyone again, our season’s front-runner climbed up a couple of notches for me. Her take on Gloria Estefan’s cover of “Turn the Beat Around” from 1995 was polished and really good in parts. I just wish she had chosen a song that fit her better cuz she can sing anything and she’s the consummate performer.
6. Colton: this good take on White Lion’s little known 1991 song “Broken Heart” was a good fit for our rocker. It just wasn’t all that remarkable when looking back over the night. Still, he is a very strong contender and is staying true to himself.
~ the decent
7. Elise: with a huge rebound from last week, Elise took on Tina Turner’s cover of “Let’s Stay Together” from 1983. Her vocals were good and she actually looked like she was having a good time. All in all though, it just wasn’t too memorable.
8. Erika: I really wanted Erika to slay Bryan Adams’s # 1 hit “Heaven” from 1985, but she just never quite got there. While she looked amazing and gave a decent performance with some really nice moments, it just felt like she was trying a little too hard. I hope she really hits it out of the park next week cuz I love her.
~ the bad
9. Deandre: wow, that was a terrible song choice for him. As he sang Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey’s # 2 cover of “Endless Love” from 1994, I just kept thinking wow this was a bad choice. Despite some good notes, he seemed to lack confidence and fight the song. I wish he had sung something like Prince’s “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” instead (hello it was a top five hit in 1994!)
10. Shannon: this girl needs to realize she is not Mariah or Celine or Whitney or any big diva for that matter. Sure, she has a good voice with potential but she keeps reaching beyond her talent level. Yes, that shows some gumption, but you have to be able to back it up and this pitchy, unconnected and forced performance didn’t do that.
11. Heejun: oh no, our comic hero took a major misstep on the Idol stage performing my favorite song from 1989, Richard Marx’s # 1 smash “Right Here Waiting”. (Fun Fact: I’m actually in the video for that song!)… Poor Heejun missed a lot of the notes, and was just off throughout the song. I did appreciate him trying to make an emotional connection but his poor diction, sharp and flat notes really undid him here.

So, just what is going to happen tomorrow? Who will be eliminated? Will anyone be eliminated? I’m not sure… But I will pick a bottom three just in case…

Bottom 3: Deandre, Heejun, Shannon (but Erika could be in trouble)
Bottom 2: Deandre, Heejun
Going home: I say no one… but if one has the lowest votes, it’s Deandre (ack, I hope it’s Shannon instead!)

So, there you have it. I feel like no one is going home, but they will still do a bottom 3 and scare the bejesus out of some of the singers. We will see…. On a side note, I did enjoy the judges actually giving real criticism again tonight. That is a nice change. Keep it up kids! .. And now, it’s time for me to go. Before I do, let me know who you liked tonight, who you think is going home (if anyone), and whether or not you will miss Jermaine as the door hits him in the tuckus on the way out.


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