My Top 10 American Idol Buzz Rankings!

Well, last week America and American Idol gave me (and I’m sure a few of you) a special gift by eliminating two people from the competition, Jermaine (via scandal!) and Shannon (cuz she sucked). I have to say I was pretty thrilled that the two least talented (and rather annoying contestants) were given the boot in one glorious week. Now, I’m not sure what that does to the elimination time-table in the weeks ahead, but that’s neither here nor there really. What’s more important is taking a look at my brand new, completely unscientific but totally correct American Idol Buzz Rankings going into this week’s top ten bake-off…

American Idol Top Ten Buzz Rankings (season 11)
1. Phillip: it humbles me to put him here, but I think he is gonna go far. He gave a great performance despite having just had surgery and being in pain on Wednesday night and remains the top guy contender. While I admit, he grew on me this week, I still hope he falters soon. The last thing we need is another guitar singing white guy to win this competition… even if he is cute and has talent. This week with the Billy Joel theme, he should hold up well in the race. (last week~ 3)
2. Hollie: the little girl that could tore the roof off of Celine Dion’s power ballad “The Power of Love” last week and showed she is a serious contender. I’d love to see her do something uptempo and thank goodness Tommy Hilfiger will be here to help with fashion this week to help her stay near the top of this list. (lw~ 2)
3. Jessica: now, it shows you just how good and how much buzz this girl has that after a rather harshly (and somewhat unfairly so) critiqued performance that she still lands in the top 3. I still say she’s a lock for the finals and I can’t wait to see what she does next. I think she could totally be like a modern-day Rihanna just with a better voice, no abusive boyfriend, and a whole lot more wholesome. (lw~ 1)
4. Joshua: he had the best performance by a mile last week and is a fantastic entertainer with a great voice. I just wonder how he will translate to each theme week to week. That said, he’s a strong contender for the top five if he can keep killing it like he did on “When A Man Loves a Woman”. (lw~8)
5. Skylar: our little country girl totally defied Jimmy Iovine last week and it was awesome. Her performance wasn’t awesome as well, but it was still quite good. I’m really rooting for her as she brings some excitement and fun to the proceedings that other contestants (ahem Hollie) could benefit from emulating. (lw~ 4)
6. Colton: he may have chosen a little known White Lion song last week, but it didn’t matter because he sold it big time. This sexy rocker is treading his own path and staying true to himself. I just wonder if his Christian rocker ambitions may do him in down the road. (lw~ 5)
7. Deandre: despite a rather wonky take on “Endless Love” last week, our Milli Vanilli maned-man escaped a place in the bottom 3. That bodes well for his future in the competition. We’ll see if he can keep it up with this week’s theme that doesn’t seem to fit his style at all. (lw~ 6)
8. Elise: she roared back with a wonderful take on “Let’s Stay Together” last week, yet she still landed on the stools of jeopardy in the bottom 3. And she was not happy about it. This girl needs to get some humility and relax more this week because she has the goods to stay around for a while. (lw~ 11)
9. Erika: damn my second favorite girl is struggling. She had a shaky take on “Heaven” that landed her in the bottom 2 last week and that does not bode well for her standing. However, she has mad vocals as Randy would say (just check out her incredible recorded version of “Heaven” on iTunes~ easily the best of the week) and is a wonderful sport. She just needs the right song and to not try so hard. Billy Joel music might be just the thing~ I hope so! (lw~ 7)
10. Heejun: no, he wasn’t in the bottom three. So why is he at the bottom of my list? Well, I think the novelty of Heejun may be wearing thin. He has a nice voice, but is a very boring performer who has picked really lackluster songs week to week. I don’t feel like that will change any time soon. (lw~ 9)

And there you have it~ my latest Buzz Rankings. It seems we definitely have a horse race. At this point, I’d say Jessica, Phillip, Hollie, Joshua, Skylar and Colton all have a great shot at the final five. Can any of the others break up that bunch? I sure hope Erika can. We’ll see what happens this week as they sing the songs of the Piano Man…. Now, who’s your favorite? Are you thrilled Shannon and Jermaine are gone? Are you bored with Heejun? Sound off below.


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