My Top 9 American Idol Buzz Rankings!

Last week, American Idol suffered a terrible blow with the too early and incredibly upsetting ouster of the wonderfully talented Erika Van Pelt. Sporting a sexy new ‘do and amazing vocals on “New York State of Mind” wasn’t enough to help her connect to Idol fans (not to mention performing so early in the show which never helps anyone) who for some unknown reason preferred the buffoonery of Heejun. I was heartbroken, but I should’ve known one of my favorites would head home ahead of their time. Hello, Pia from last year anyone? … Alas, I have to get it together and look ahead to this week when the contestants will sing songs by their personal Idols. I also need to give you my latest all new completely unscientific buzz rankings to help you decipher just who will make it to the finale. So, I’m gonna buck up, stop my iTunes repeat of Erika’s “Heaven” recording and start counting them down below.

My Season 11 Top 9 American Idol Buzz Rankings~

1. Jessica: with another glorious performance showcasing her incredible pipes, Jessica returns to the top spot and her front-runner status. If she takes on Beyonce, as rumored, this week, I think she can have another standup moment and on an uptempo song. (last week~ 3)
2. Colton: well our skinny Christian rocker flies up the chart this week after his wowing performance of “Piano Man”. He has the looks, charisma and voice to win, but he needs to dial back the God talk because we’re not looking for America’s next Christian Idol. (lw~ 6)
3. Phillip: falling back into his usual growling Dave Matthews-esque performances, Phillip drops a couple of notches. He’s still on very solid ground, but if he wants to make it to the finals, he better give us something new each week. (lw~ 1)
4. Skylar: sure “Shameless” was probably her worst performance to date, but the girl even made that look pretty effortless. Plus, she’s the only country contender and I say she’s still a lock for the top five. (lw~ 5)
5. Hollie: our cute Irish/Southern hybrid had a rough week with her take on “Honesty”. It was way out of her wheelhouse and she clearly didn’t connect to it. However, she still avoided the bottom 3 and she has a tremendous voice. I think she can bounce back this week. (lw~ 2)
6. Elise: with one of last week’s best performances, Elise made a big impact and avoided her usual place in the bottom 3. Could this be the start of an upswing on the show? I hope so. However, she is the oldest contestant and a female and those are two big hurdles in this race. (lw~8)
7. Joshua: another singer who had his worst week yet during “Billy Joel” night was Joshua. His vocals were ok, but his performance was disconnected, shaky and wholly unconvincing. Hello, you need to emotionally connect to your material people. Pick better songs. I think he will do just that this week. (lw~ 4)
8. Deandre: how he wasn’t even in the bottom 2 last week astounded me. But hey, he’s likable and pretty, so the tween girls are probably on his side. He just needs a big “moment” to go farther than 8th or 9th place if you ask me. He’s on borrowed time right now. (lw~ 7)
9. Heejun: all I can say about him at this time is VOMIT. His performance last week was all kinds of terrible, not to mention disrespectful to the other competitors and the show as a whole. He needs to go now! I don’t care if he’s funny or a nice guy at home. I say buh bye. You are officially this season’s Sanjaya, and that is NOT a compliment. (lw~ 10)

So, that’s the latest. Colton and Jessica are on the rise. Hollie and Joshua take a fall. And Heejun and Deandre could bite the dust (hopefully) any minute. How will they all fair tomorrow night? Check back here after the show and find out.

In the meantime, check out my Erika’s final wonderful performance of “New York State of Mind” one more time. She Was ROBBED!

Erika Van Pelt “New York State of Mind”


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