Pitbull v. Huey Lewis~ “Back in Time”

Are movie soundtracks about to have a rebirth? Over the past few years, hit soundtracks have been few and far between unless it was a from a film musical (like Mamma Mia) or the tween crap Twilight saga. However, the current # 1 album in the country is The Hunger Games soundtrack and this spring and summer, there are a lot of big movie music collections coming at you like Think Like a Man,  Sparkle, Rock of Ages, and MIB 3. The latter film is the third action packed movie in the Men In Black trilogy starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. This new film has them going back in time to the sixties and, fittingly, the theme song for MIB 3 is entitled “Back in Time” by Pitbull. This Latin infused dance track also features a sample from another hit movie song, the 60’s hit “Love is Strange” by Micky & Sylvia which gained legions of new fans when it appeared in Dirty Dancing…. Now, the title “Back in Time” may be familiar to a lot of 80’s movie fans as it was the title of the Huey Lewis & the News hit song from 1985’s Back to the Future…. So now I pose this question to you~ which song really makes you want to go “Back in Time”? For me, Huey Lewis wins by a mile. What about you? Take a listen to both below and let me know in the comments section and watch for MIB3 to hit cinemas on May 25th.

“Back in Time”- Pitbull

“Back in Time”- Huey Lewis & the News


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